Mackenzie Mertens is a protagonist & new character in BIG HERO 6: 1224.

VOICE: Mae Whitman.


Marys from the big hero 6 comics,

Violet Parr from the incredibles, the light fury from

how to train your dragon 3.

APPEARANCE: 18 years old, slender, fair skin, purple hair, blue eyes.


OCCUPATION: Hiro's crush/girlfriend/future wife, Toolmax's creator, Hanna's target for death.

LIKES: Sushi, robots,books, Hiro, Hiro's friends,

YTP's, heavy metal music, anime characters, long walks.

DISLIKES: Hanna stealing from her,

Hiro ( formely ).

WEAPONS: Arms & legs.

PERSONALITY: Selfless, smart, sarcastic.

ALIGNMENT: Nuetral, later good.


" Don't wanna hear it Hanna! "

" Yep..."

" I had about enough of you!"


To expose of Hanna & her team ( succeeded ).


Hiro wins her heart finally.


Hanna killed Mackie's family so she could troll her all she wants.

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