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  • [The scene begins on Homeworld, with Dot Illusion walking from school to her yard with Ernest. It is a sunny but windy day at her yard. While, Dot is looking at the flower and smiles.]
  • Dot: [to herself, sighs] I wonder where Sour Sweet is? [The wind suddenly picks up and blows the flower away.] OH!
  • Ernest: I heard Mr. Lasseter is giving us an official mid-term break! [chuckles] That means I can finally relax on my bed.
  • Dot [Chuckles] Yeah. Um, Ernest. Can I tell you something?
  • Ernest: What is it?
  • Dot: Um, do you like any of the girls... in the classroom.
  • Ernest: [Blushes, shocked] U-UH, NO THAT'S...!
  • Dot: Well?
  • Ernest: U-Uh, no one.
  • Dot: Oh! I need to pick flowers for my dad! [runs away] Bye, Ernest!
  • Ernest: Be safe.


  • [Hex approaches Krackle Heart, who is resting motionless in the throne.]
  • Hex: Master Krackle, I have located you're missing charm, it belonged to a little girl named Dot... Illusion.
  • Krackle: ...Illusion?
  • Hex: Turns out, Holton Illusion is her father!
  • Krackle: [Inhales] Shameless. I don't want that charm anymore... let her destroy it...
  • Hex: She can't... she don't even know how...
  • Krackle: Yes she does, It's the first power her mother taught her.
  • Hex: The Backwards Message?
  • Krackle: Exactly.
  • [Hex walks away and whimpers.]