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Love Struck is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


The Story starts off with Zazu overlooking the animals and insuring that they all have mates. He steps in a puddle, which he mistakes as a flash flood, but upon turning around, he sees it's just Rasha the Rhino, crying because she has no one to be with. Zazu insures her that she'll find someone using her "ample charms" and Rasha chooses him because of the compliment even though Zazu refuses. Her advances send Zazu plummeting off a cliff and panicking Zazu eventually remembers he is a bird, thus can fly. However, Rasha saves him, though Zazu insists he needs no help pointing out as he is a Hornbill and she is Rhino, there can never be a "We". Rasha simply thinks he's trying to play hard-to-get and continues pursuing him.

Zazu eventually runs into another Rhino, a male named Kuloo. Seeing an opportunity to get Rasha off his back, he invites the shy male Rhino to see a female one. Kuloo refuses, nervous, but Zazu beckons Rasha over to the two. Kuloo is impressed by her ability to destroy trees, and she is drawn to his shyness. Zazu flits away, leaving the two Rhinos to get lost in each other's eyes.

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