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Love is a possible supporting character in Inside Out 3. She is very sweet and loves almost everything.


Love first appeared when Riley started to have feelings for George. The emotions were confused at first but when Affection appeared, all of them were in total shock, especially Fear. Love has HUGE feelings for Fear and starts to turn Magenta.


Her name says it all. She is very sweet, and very affectionate towards the other emotions. She is also easily distracted by certain things like butterflies, rainbows, even unicorns. Her goal is to bring back Bing Bong to Riley's head. Love is also very impressed by certain things. She has a habit of fainting.

Physical Appearance:[]

Love has a youthful face. She has pink skin, berate, heart image on her shirt, highlights in her hair, and leg warmers that are darker than her skin. She has magenta hair tied up at the ends, sweater, and freckles. She has dark magenta tank top straps.


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  • "He's so cute!"
  • "I know things may be hard, but I promise-OOH A BUTTERFLY!"
  • "Call me, George!"
  • "Fear, I, uh, I, uh, I, uh, I, uh. Heh! Funny story that I keep saying I, uh!"
  • "Anger, please stop your outbursts. You're scaring poor Fear!"
  • "Innie! What'cha draw-in?"
  • "Wow. I can't believe it. George has feelings for Riley!!"
  • "Meow."
  • "Joy! Follow that rainbow! I wanna see if there are leprechauns!"
  • "(in British accent) Good show Intelligence!"
  • "You, I, WHAT?!"
  • "How can you think that a mouse is gross, Disgust? IT'S SO COOL!"

Relationships with Other Characters:[]

See: Affection/Relationships


  • Love is the second emotion to have her eyes a different color than the rest of her skin and hair. First was Joy.
  • It is unknown why Affection/Love likes Fear. The reason might be because of the "cute way he over-reacts".

Similarities with Other Characters:[]

Out of all the Disney characters, Affection/Love is similar to two: Joy and Bashful.

With Joy:

  • Both are optimistic
  • Both try to lighten things up.
  • Both have eyes different then their natural color.

With Bashful:

  • Both are shy and sweet.
  • Both blush at certain things.
  • Both get kissed.
  • Both try talk to their interest, but stutter.