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These are a list of episodes from Wrecking Show!. Most episodes contain a song and a boss.


Season Episodes Original airdate
Season premiere Season finale
3 26 November 9, 2016 2016

Season 3 (2015-16)[]

# Title Original Air Date
79 The Revival of the Arcade 2016
After the events in "Old Content, New Monarch", the heroes are honored for defending the arcade, but the arcade has been revived for a new monarch.
80 2016
81 2016
82 2016
83 2016
84 Glitch that TV Show! 2016
Since Felix and Calhoun are tired of watching their favorite TV show, but they are looking for their next favorite TV show. Meanwhile Crumbelina, Jubileena and Swizzle are looking for their new cybernoid companions, but the cybernoids are cannot be accessed because they are only seen in the TV show and it could not transfer to the real world. However, Vanellope is planning to glitch them out from the show to make them accessible by the Sugar Rush racers.
85 2016
86 Death Baron Rising 2016
87 2016
88 Niceland Beware 2016
The Makia Boss is back for his revenge again on Ralph and the rest of the nicelanders are kidnapped by the Zoot Gang.
89 2016
90 Surge of Power! 2016
91 Don't Wreck-it Ralph! 2016
92 2016
93 Vanellope meets the Grip Force 2016
94 2016
95 Revenge of Gutz 2016
96 2016
97 Crime Rush! 2016
The Sugar Rush Speedway was transformed into a police pursuit video game when Gutz entered Candy Kingdom. Meanwhile, Vanellope and the Grip Force must train the racers to chase down Gutz.
98 A New Journey 2016
99 Captain Rancis 2016
101 The Masked Cop 2016
102 Nightmare Lands 2016
A mysterious villain, along with the remaining pieces of C.O.D.E., hack into Sugar Rushes' system, giving the racers severe nightmares. However, could those nightmares be coming to life?
103 2016
104 Protect the Arcade 2016
P Magnum and Virtual Guy are planning to turn the arcade into a boot camp for weak players. Could the heroes must protect the arcade.