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These are a list of episodes on The Classic Stories of Winnie the Pooh. Each season contains 10 episodes. A total of 90 episodes were produced spanning 9 seasons.


The first 30 episodes are supposedly based off of every chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner, and Return to the Hundred Acre Wood. Some episodes do really relate to the books but despite this, other episodes little relate to eachother.

Season Number Episode Number Title Date Aired on Disney Fanon Description Original Songs Characters Introduced
1 1 Introducing Winnie the Pooh! October 1, 2011 Winnie the Pooh is introduced to Christopher Robin for the very first time. I am Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, Bees
1 2 A Pooh Bear Stuck at the Door October 8, 2011 Pooh Bear gets stuck in a door after eating too much hunny. Pull, Pull, and Pull Rabbit, Gopher, Rabbit's Friends and Relations
1 3 Catch That Woozle! October 15, 2011 Pooh and Piglet try to capture a woozle. Gotta Catch That Woozle Piglet, Woozle
1 4 The Tale of a Tail October 22, 2011 Eeyore tells the tale of how he lost his tail several times in one day. Losing Again Eeyore, Owl
1 5 Piglet Finds a Heffalump October 29, 2011 Piglet tries to find a little Heffalump which turns out to be Lumpy. Heffalump Hunt Lumpy
1 6 Today is for Eeyore! November 5, 2011 Eeyore struggles to survive through his worst day of every year and the others want to make it better. Happy Birthday Eeyore
1 7 I Remember November 12, 2011 Roo remembers the time where he first moved in the Hundred Acre Wood. Capture the Newcomers Kanga, Roo
1 8 An Expotition to the North Pole November 19, 2011 Christopher Robin and the gang try to find the North Pole. Expedition Song
1 9 Windsday November 26, 2011 A blustery day approaches making everyone survive in a very windy wonderland. What a Windy Day Kessie
1 10 Winnie the Pooh and the Grand Party December 3, 2011 A storm rages on the Hundred Acre Wood and Pooh and Piglet get lost in a far away river. Hero Party
2 11 Pooh Corner for Eeyore January 7, 2012 Pooh decides to build a new house for Eeyore he can call home in Pooh Corner. A House for Eeyore
2 12 Breakfast for Tigger January 14, 2012 Tigger discovers Breakfast which he already has but doesn't know it's called Breakfast. Breakfast Time Tigger
2 13 Piglet Finds a Heffalump: The Sequel January 21, 2012 Piglet finds another heffalump. Another Heffalump Heffalump
2 14 Tiggers Hate Trees January 28, 2012 Tigger accidently bounced on a tall tree again, but when he gets down, he somehow gets stuck in another tree. Get Me Out of This Tree
2 15 The Busy Routine February 4, 2012 Rabbit gets a very busy day and Tigger is now becoming a real threat to him, so he builds a very strong wall to keep Tigger away. Build me a Wall
2 16 The New Pooh Sticks February 11, 2012 Pooh and his friends need to spice up the rules of Pooh Sticks as they think its getting boring. Let's Play Pooh Sticks
2 17 Anything Over Bouncing February 18, 2012 Tigger decides it's time to get a new hobby, but his friends think that he's not Tigger anymore, except for Rabbit. Unbounce Tigger
2 18 The Brave Little Piglet February 25, 2012 Everyone is mysteriously missing in the Hundred Acre Wood, so Piglet decides to look for them.
2 19 The Owl Wolery Book Club March 3, 2012 Owl tells the story of how he made a book club with Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Tigger.
2 20 Winnie the Pooh and the Enchanted Place March 10, 2012 Christopher Robin finds an undiscovered enchanted place in the Hundred Acre Wood and Pooh and his friends follow him.
3 21 A Return with a Suprise June 2, 2012 Christopher Robin returns from the toy store with a new collection set.
3 22 The Crossword Spelling Bee Contest June 9, 2012 Owl hosts a Spelling Bee with a twist that includes crossword puzzles.
3 23 Bunny Organizer June 16, 2012 Rabbit orders everyone to be very organized as he thinks that the others are messing.
3 24 No More Rain June 23, 2012 There is no more rain in the Hundred Acre Wood and everything starts to get dry.
3 25 Hunny Honey June 30, 2012 Pooh goes out to search for all the honey in the world.
3 26 The Owl Book Company July 7, 2012 Owl decides to become an author and writes many books which all star himself.
3 27 Academy July 14, 2012 Christopher Robin shares what he learned from school and he shares it in an academy Pooh and his friends built.
3 28 The Games July 21, 2012 Pooh and friends decide to get a game tournament going.
3 29 A Tiggerized Tiger July 28, 2012 Tigger finds a tiger from Africa and decides to "tiggerize" him.
3 30 Winnie the Pooh and the Harvest Festival August 4, 2012 Pooh and friends create the first ever Harvest Festival in the Hundred Acre Wood.
4 31 I'm a Pooh Bear September 1, 2012 Pooh decides to change his favorite food which is honey but that won't make him a Pooh Bear anymore.
4 32 Charcoal September 8, 2012 Pooh worries that he will get charcoal for Christmas as he rarely shared any honey with anyone that year.
4 33 Just the Two of Us September 15, 2012 Christopher Robin wants to spend the day just with Pooh but he can't find him.
4 34 Royal Engineer September 22, 2012 The Hundred Acre Wood now has a kingdom by Christopher Robin and Pooh becomes Royal Engineer.
4 35 Stuff n' Fluff September 29, 2012 The seams on Pooh's tummy keeps on getting loose.
4 36 Armored Knight October 6, 2012 Tigger becomes the Armored Knight of the Hundred Acre Wood because The Backson is rumored to be back.
4 37 Balloon October 13, 2012 Balloon becomes a real friend to Winnie the Pooh but Rabbit thinks Pooh's becoming weird because he's just a balloon.
4 38 Morning StrollS October 20, 2012 After a morning stroll, Rabbit finds his garden ruined by trolls.
4 39 Window to the World October 27, 2012 Piglet thinks that spookables locked himself in his house and he can only view the world from his window.
4 40 Winnie the Pooh and the Journey Through Winter November 3, 2012 Pooh and friends journey through a blizzardous mountain range in order to get back in time for Christmas.
5 41 Forgotten December 1, 2012 Eeyore seriously thinks that he is being ignored or worse, forgotten.
5 42 Dark December 8, 2012 Piglet gets more afraid of the darkness.
5 43 Farewell December 22, 2012 Christopher Robin tells Pooh that he's gonna move and he has to leave him and his friends behind.
5 44 A Truck Trunk in a Tree Trunk December 29, 2012 Tigger finds a truck's trunk in a tree trunk filled with "tiggeriffic" goodies.
5 45 Sunshine Lights January 2013 TBA
5 46 Blueberry Bush January 2013 TBA
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6 51 TBA 2013 TBA
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