This is the list of Summer with the Royals Episodes

Season 1

Title # Description
Detour to Royals Camp 001 14-year-old Alena starts her summer by making a wrong turn to a camp she has never discovered.
The Royal Slumber Party 002 Alena, Little Red, and Gretel get invited to a Royal Sleepover with Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel.
Happy Loses his joy 003 Alena and her friends try to figure out why Happy is depressed, and try to cheer him up before something worse happens.
The Hike in Sherwood Forest 004 Maid Marian tries to get Robin Hood’s attention while handling a messy hike with the merry men and Alena.
The Silent Prince 005 Prince Phillip starts to like Aurora and gets help form Alena to try to talk to her, even with his high-pitched voice.
Teddy Gets Sick 006 Alena volunteers to watch over a sick Teddy while his parents are at work.
The Mad Hatter was Framed! 007 The Mad Hatter is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and Alena and her friends have to solve the case by dusk.
Scavenging with the Opposite 008 Little Red is forced to work with Snow White in a Royals Camp scavenger hunt.
Borrowing Alena's Voice 009 Maid Marian asks Alena if she could borrow her voice to sing for Robin Hood.
What the Hack? 010 When Alena discovers a video game virus that’s actually making everyone sick, she tries to hack into the computer mainframe to delete it for good.
Introducing...Energy Drinks 011 The campers at Royals Camp go wild when Alena introduces them to energy drinks.
A Hole Lotta Trouble 012 Robin Hood tries to get help when Little John falls down a deep hole on an archery dare.
Flowers from Sneezy 013 After Alena saves Sneezy from falling down a tree, Sneezy tries to show gratitude to her by giving her flowers, but with one problem…his allergies.
Sleepy's Sleepwalking 014 Teddy notices that Sleepy is sleepwalking throughout the camp.
The ABCs of Horror 015 Little Red gets extremely annoyed when Snow White goes around, singing her version of the ABCs
Teddy's Tooth Seed 016 Alena tries to stop Teddy from burying his tooth in the backyard.
Hansel Cupid 017 Hansel helps his sister, Gretel, tell her feelings to Grumpy
The Royal Water Gun Fight 018 Alena helps Jack overcome is pacifist state by throwing an all-out water gun fight
Flipping Out! 019 Juliette develops feelings for Doc.
The Perfect Date...or is it? 020 Cinderella tries to escape from the spying merry men while on a date with Prince Charming
Stuffing Unstuffed 021 Alena, Little Red, and Gretel help Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion find half of Scarecrow’s missing stuffing
My Sister in Camp?! Part I 022 Alena finds out that her younger sister, Adalyne, will be staying at the camp to conquer her shyness
My Sister in Camp Part II 023 Alena tries to rescue Adalyne from the Rogue Camp and to find out what true sisterhood is

Season 2

Title # Description
The Two Carat Gold Diamond 001 The dwarfs help Teddy and Adalyne find a two-carat gold diamond.
Grumpy: The Musical 002 Alena discovers a secret to Grumpy’s musical voice.
Seven Tykes for Seven Dwarfs 003 The seven dwarfs try to catch seven of the renegades when they get turned into toddlers.
Summer with the 80s 004 Alena, Little Red, and Gretel get invited to a Royal 80s party.
How Hard is it to Babysit? 005 Robin Hood takes up the charge to babysit Adalyne for the afternoon.
Tangled Situation 006 While frolicking in the woods, Rapunzel gets her hair stuck in the branches, and her friends have to find a way to get it unstuck.
The Beat of my Drumming Heart 007 Ham develops a passion for playing the drums.
The Mud Derby 008 Alena and Adalyne enter in a Mud Derby to save the Mad Hatter’s tea shop.
Adalyne in Oz (Part 1) 009 After a fatal head injury, Adalyne relives Dorothy’s story in Oz, only this time, with different character and different flaws.
Adalyne in Oz (part 2) 010 While Adalyne tries to escape Oz, Alena tries desperately to retrieve her fallen sister from the bottom of an old, dry well.
Hallucination Station 011 While trying to care for Adalyne’s severe head injury, Alena discovers that Adalyne is hallucinating.
Bad Luck Bashful 012 Maleficent strikes Bashful with a bad case of bad luck.
Flipping Out! 2: The Flipping 013 Juliette’s feelings for Doc come back, only this time, they are stronger.
Tweedle Glee and Tweedle Fun 014 Ham befriends Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum after he helps them reconcile after a rattle fight.
Doc's Birthday 015 Alena decides to throw a surprise party for Doc’s birthday.
Doctor Adalyne 016 Adalyne tries to cure Sneezy's hay fever
Chill Out, Elliot! 017 Rapunzel teaches Elliot how to go-with-the-flow.
Personality Switch 018 The seven dwarfs switch personalities after an invention of Elliot’s goes totally wrong.
Summer on Friday the 13th 019 It’s Friday the 13th at Royals Camp, and everything is not what it seems to be.
Wolf's Gone Good 020 The Big bad Wolf’s gone good, but Alena feels suspicious that there’s more to the story then there seems.
Christmas in July 021 Alena and her friends wish Season’s Greetings when they celebrate Christmas in July.
Summer in the Maze (Part 1) 022 After another defeat, Maleficent claims that it is the last straw when she forces Alena and Adalyne into trial of a difficult maze.
Summer in the Maze (Part 2) 023 As the trials get harder, Alena and Adalyne try to stay together the get to the center of the maze and out.

Season 3

Title # Description
Arrive at Nursery Rhyme Village 001 Alena and Adalyne find a warp to Nursery Rhyme Village, where they get help from previous failed Maze Runners to get the first piece to the map.
Check Mate 002 Alena and Adalyne locate the second piece of the map through another warp in the maze of a land of Chess.
Summer! At the Disco 003 The two sisters stumble upon another portal to a dance competition, where the prize is another piece to the map.
Master Thy Fear 004 Alena and Adalyne find the fourth piece of the map in a place full of their worst fears imaginable.
This is Final (Part 1) 005 After finding the last part of the map, Maleficent gives them one final trial to test their knowledge and secretly try to destroy them.
This is Final (Part 2) 006 When Maleficent steals Alena’s soul, Adalyne goes back and gets help from the people she met throughout the maze, and to beat Maleficent’s maze once and for all.
Beauty Quest 007 Maid Marian travels across Royal’s camp just to find the substance to make her astoundingly beautiful.
Bashful and the Frog 008 After Maleficent turns Adalyne into a frog, Bashful find her, unbeknownst to him that the frog was Adalyne all along.
Flowers from…Grumpy?? 009 Grumpy has been collecting items for someone special…but who?
Alena’s Turning 15 010 Everyone makes time out of their day to compete on getting the perfect present for Alena’s birthday, while Adalyne gets crafty in making her own present.
The Power of Friendship 011 An unlikely argument breaks out between Alena and Little Red, and Alena has to find a way to fix what she lost.
Ice Scream Because It’s Burning 012 During one of the hottest days of the year, Alena scavenges up a recipe to find the best, refreshing ice cream flavor.
Love and Ventricles 013 The Tin Man is suffering a broken heart, so his friends make the most of their day to help him cheer up.
Tarts for Hearts 014 The Queen of Hearts captures the Mad Hatter and forces him to make tarts for her.
A Living Nightmare 015 Adalyne has a nightmare that Bashful and Goldilocks fall in love, and fears that it might be true.
A Heart of Gold 016 Jack tries to find the perfect gift to impress Goldilocks.
The Day My Heart Stood Still 017 After witnessing Goldilocks giving Bashful a thank-you kiss, Adalyne suffers an extreme heart break that could lead to depression.
Rumor Has It 018 With Adalyne becoming more and more sick from weeping, Alena tries to stop the rumor that Bashful and Goldilocks have mutual affections.
Do or Die Time 019 Bashful is worried sick for Adalyne, so he summons every ounce of courage he has to try to confess to her.
The Isle of Archives 020 Maleficent and her villain allies find an ancient archives found beneath their camp, and try to use this to stop Alena.
Burnt (Part 1) 021 Alena gets her eye scorched after rescuing Teddy from a fire incident, and suddenly goes insanely insecure when she discovers she has fire bending powers.
Burnt (Part 2) 022 With Alena isolating herself from the camp, her friends try everything they can to bring her back, and talk some sense into her, while Alena herself has some self-doubt feelings.
Burnt (Part 3) 023 With everything almost burnt to the ground, Alena has to face her friends, who try to fight back without hurting her, and discovering the only substance that can stop her insane anxiety.

Season 4

Title # Description
Back in Order 001 Alena feels sheepish about her acts, and helps rebuild the camp back to its original form.
An Outlook for the Camp 002 While helping Elliot with his cabinet, Adalyne stumbles upon a book that tells a prophecy of the camp’s future.
Doc n’ Daughter Date 003 Doc takes Alena out for a daddy-daughter date when Alena starts to miss her father.
Missing “Assistants” 004 The Mad Hatter’s “assistants” go missing, so he, the March Hare, and Alice help him find them.
Figure Eight 005 When Bashful is made fun of for ice skating, and Adalyne’s fear of falling keeps her from ice skating; the two team up so that Bashful proves ice skating is great, and that Adalyne can ice skate with confidence.
Little John Red 006 Little John and Little Red start acting weird around each other, and Alena wonders why.
Adalyne’s In Charge 007 Adalyne gets put in charge to watch the dwarf cottage while the dwarfs are out to work.
Surprise Scavenger Hunt 008 Doc plans a scavenger hunt for Teddy and Adalyne.
A Spark Still Left 009 Alena discovers that she still has little of her fire bending powers left, and seeks the help from the Three Good Fairies to drain her blood from it for good.
The Rainy Day 010 Alena and her friends make the most out of a rainy day.
Sacrificial Fate 011 As Adalyne reads more into the prophecy, she realizes that she will soon have to make a big sacrifice, and worries for the future.
Lessons in Etiquette 012 Snow White and Alice try to teach some table manners to a stubborn Little Red when Little John asks her to a fancy restaurant.
Dwarfette 013 When Elliot is angry at the dwarfs, he creates a female dwarf named Dwarfette, and uses the dwarfs’ affections for her to do his bidding, not even knowing it could cause problems between the dwarfs, and could break Juliette, Adalyne, and Gretel’s hearts.
Voice of Reason 014 Adalyne overhears Bashful singing and wants to do a duet with him, but her stage fright keeps her from asking him.
Beyond the Woods 015 Alena and Adalyne discover a hidden tribe village deeper in the woods that runs on music.
Defying Gravity 016 Elpheba has a job to capture Alena, but worries about Glinda.
A Rip in Time 017 Alena and her friends discover that Maleficent has sent her minions to try to hurt her past-self, so she bands with Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Adalyne, and Little Red to save her past before it gets corrupted.
Sweetheart Ball 018 Robin Hood tries to work up the courage to ask out Alena to the Sweetheart ball, but is worried he might mess up.
The Return of Dwarfette 019 Dwarfette returns, but becomes insanely jealous of Bashful and Adalyne’s relationship.
Autumn Draws Near 020 As the days of Royals Camp count down, Alena decides to do something incredibly fun with the whole camp.
I See it Clearly 021 Alena learns about the Final Battle Prophecy, and spreads the word to prepare.
Final Day and Final Battle (Part 1) 022 On the last day of Royals Camp, the villains and heroes are finally ready to face off in a final battle.
Final Day and Final Battle (Part 2) 023 To keep the Royals and Renegades from fighting against each other, Adalyne and Elpheba realize that they have a sacrifice to make.
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