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Here are the defeats of Disney Villains although some are killed

Classic Disney Villains

  • Queen Grimhilde - fell to her death by a lightning bolt after she tried to kill the 7 Dwarfs with a rock which then crushed her and her carcass is eaten by waiting vultures.
  • Jafar - In the first movie, he is imprisoned inside his lamp after turning into a genie, then killed in the sequel after Iago pushes his lamp into a pool of lava. Last seen being sent to underworld and trapped in the River Styxx in the TV series of Hercules.
  • Hades - Punched by Hercules into the River Styxx and is dragged by the souls in it to the bottom for eternity, but does not die as he is immortal.

Next Generation Disney Villains

  • Mother Gothel - Ages really fast then trips and falls out the window and turns to dust when she hits the ground.
  • King Candy/Turbo - Flies into the beacon that Ralph created, causing him to be destroyed.
  • Hans - Gets imprisoned for his crimes and sent back to the Southern Isles.
  • The Duke of Weselton and his thugs - He and his thugs are sent back to Weselton with a proclamation that Arendelle will forever no longer do business with him in the trade.
  • Yokai/Robert Callaghan - Gets arrested.
  • Bellwether - Gets arrested after revealing her evil plan to Nick and Judy.
  • Tamatoa - Gets flipped upside down.
  • Te-Ka - Turns back into Te-Fiti and reformed.
  • Evil Bob and Evil Larry - Falls off the cliff of the sodor to his death in the sea.
  • Virus - Ceases to exist after Ralph tells it to leave Vanellope alone.

Pixar Villains

  • Sid Phillips- Spooked by Woody and the mutant toys, but reappears as a garbage man in Toy Story 3.
  • Waternoose - gets arrested by the CDA
  • Syndrome - Knocked into a jet propeller due to his cape.
  • Charles F. Muntz - Jumps off Carl's floating house when his leg gets caught by a bunch of balloons, he falls down to Earth and dies.

Sequel Villains

  • Abis Mal - Abis Mal was still hanging on the tree hours after the battle, apparently upset not only over the loss of Jafar but also his opportunity of his third wish.
  • Forte - The Beast destroys his keys; this effectively 'kills' Forte and he crashes to the ground, destroyed.
  • Zira - Drowned into the River by Kiara, and his then kills suicide.

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Live-Action Villains

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