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there will be 6 seasons of bolt: the animated series penny and bolt will do any adventures and penny might go to school .


First Day of School Part 1: In part 1 of the two part season opener, Penny goes to school, but Bolt's worried that she'll never come back.

First Day of School Part 2: In part 2 of the two part season opener, Bolt heads to Penny's school, in search of her.

Fallen in Love: Bolt develops a crush on a Samyoed named Lucy, but he plans to keep it a secret.

Rhino Steals the Show: Rhino becomes a super pet on a TV show, but all the fame and fortune is tearing him away from his family.

Super Powers Unleashed: Bolt's TV show superpowers become real when he wakes up one morning.

Rained Out: The gang is rained inside their house and the power's out, due to the storm.

Resort Bolt: Bolt and his pals take a trip to a resort but, Penny disappears.

Dangerous Game: A black version of Bolt challenges the dog to a Super Power duel.

Smitten Mittens: A stray tabby cat named Toby asks Mittens out on a date, much to her dismay.

Dr. Calico Returns: Calico returns for real and Bolt regains his powers again.

We don't need a Wedding: A pink poodle named Lily finds out that Bolt lives near her and makes an attempt to marry him.