Linus Williams is the main protagonist of the Disney animated film Devil Dinosaur.


When he was two years old, Linus was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. His childhood wasn't much of an easy one; his short-tempered father often treated Linus harshly because of his symptoms. 

When Linus was seven, his father decided that he wanted nothing to with his autistic son & so, consequently, he left him & his mother. This altering moment in his life resulted in Linus's mother raising him. 

Over the next years, Linus was able to use the assets connected with his autism to help him excel in school. During those years, he became friends with Kyra Collins, who was a year older than him. He also developed a love for science fiction & all things mysterious.

After graduating high school, Linus, along with Kyra, started attending the University of New York.

Official Description

Many people think his ideas are crazy. Little does college student Linus Williams realizes that what he was just fiction is about to become a thrilling adventure!


Due to high-functioning autism, Linus usually has trouble understanding & communicating with others. Although he wishes to be more social, too often Linus tends to be withdrawn from people, usually being by himself. He also tends to get all moody, pessimistic, & is prone to anger outbursts.

Of course, being autistic also has its benefits. While his intelligence is at an average level, Linus can focus on things & has an incredible imagination. As a lover & expert of science fiction, he is interested in all things mysterious, always seeking truth in fiction.

Linus is a sweet-natured young man who is always seeking to be loyal & reliable in the best way he can. Of course, there are times when he tends to get all socially awkward. While he doesn't want to be seen as a wuss, Linus tends to get a little hesitant in doing extreme challenges. For example, due to being sensitive to cold water, he tends to be a little uncomfortable, like whenever he's on a canoe in the middle of a large body of water, as he's afraid of falling in.

Physical appearance

Linus Williams is a young man, somewhere between his late teens & early twenties. He is about five feet & five inches tall & is of an average build. He can often be found in a charcoal gray polo shirt, blue denim jeans, & black converse shoes with white laces. He has green eyes & short auburn hair. During the expedition to Dinosaur World, he wears a black polyester shirt with a green short-sleeve button-up shirt, along with cargo shorts, & brown hiking boots.


Devil Dinosaur




  • Symptoms & signs of Linus's autism include:
    • Inability to interact with others
    • Poor eye contact
    • Compulsive behavior
    • Impulsivity
    • Echolalia
    • Speech impediments
    • Trouble paying attention
    • Unaware of others' emotions
    • Anxiety
    • Sensitive to loud noises & cold water
    • Prone to tics such as clearing his throat
  • As a lover of science fiction, Linus seems to be capable of using references of famous sci-fi writers, like when, in the movie, he tried to explain Arthur C. Clarke's three laws of prediction.
  • Linus still considers Pluto a planet.
  • Linus's character is similar to that of Milo Thatch from the 2001 animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire & Jim Hawkins from 2002's Treasure Planet for the following reasons:
    • Like Milo Thatch, Linus is obsessed with ideas, despite others considering him & his ideas crazy.
    • Linus's father abandoned him as a child, much like Jim Hawkins's father.
  • Linus's character is also similar to that of Agent Leopold Fitz in Marve's Agents of SHIELD, as both are intelligent young men who were somewhat misunderstood as children, & were abandoned by their fathers, who saw them as disappointments.
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