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The Li'l Muppets is a small bunch of muppet kids who hang around either in their neighborhood, Nickel Lane, Montana, or outside the muppet theater. All known for educating kids of all younger and older ages.


Robin the frog - the nephew of Kermit the Frog. Robin was accidentally thrown out of the electric mayhem bus when he fell on Darlene and met the li'l muppets. He is somewhat a leader figure to the kids. He is the only male of the three iconic li'l muppets. He is the only li'l muppet to be a former part of the orginal muppets.

Darlene Joel - a lavender anything muppet with a blonde pulled back bouffant. At first she acted tough and aggressive, but after she met Robin, she soon became the kind friendly blue wearing 1960's music loving singer she really is. She is considered Robin's "non-muppet show" best friend and the biggest fan of the Electric Mayhem. Darlene later became the first of the only four frog scouts who isn't a frog. She is one of the three iconic li'l muppets.

Shelly Oinksmith - a sweet Shirley Temple-ish brown pig with dark hazel pigtails. She usually an orange dress with a white collar along with a sparkley orange bow and pink socks with yellow slippers. Shelly is more friendly and innocent than Miss Piggy since she doesn't know karate and rather hits people with her white-orange polka dot purse. Shelly has a crush on Robin, and fortunately for her , he respects her romantic clearly reciprocates her love for him, as he has proven it on numerous occasions by kissing her on the cheek, and sometimes on the lips. She is als one of the three iconic li'l muppets.

Bumper the Pup - a laid-back and clumsy sheepdog puppy with a pink nose wearing a lime green cap. Unlike Rowlf, Bumper is still practicing to learn piano, but he plays too fast and can't hit the right keys. Bumper is also a fan of baseball and great batter.

Henry Fuzz - a comedian wannabe panada bear with a emerald bowtie with a cordovan squiggly pattern. Although he really wants to be like his role model (Fozzie), his jokes are really bad and make no sense. Despite this, Fozzie continues to give him comedy advice that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. 

Chandra - the neighborhood daredevil who's acts frequently and constantly get herself (and others with her) hurt. Known for her colorful yet maniacal stunts,