Lena Sweets is a recurring antagonist in Youngsters. She is a feminine and troubling bully in Max's school who constantly harasses him in public. It is clear that if there as a tertiary antagonist in the show, Lena would proably be in that role. She is the eighth Disney Queen Bee.


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Before he met Bradley Uppercrust, Max saw tragic trouble in 16 year old bimbo, Lena Sweets, who 

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  • It is confirmed that at the time of An Extremely Goofy Movie, Lena graduated from Spoonerville High School and became a singer in a night club in Duckburg.
  • Lena originally was going to wear a movie star with boa outfit, but due to the fear of controversy, her outfit was changed to the clothes of a 1990's hipster, but she does wear her concept outfit in the Disney Cruise villain shows.
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