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Not to be confused with Larry Gabert.

Larry The Lizard is the main protagonist of the film of the same name and its two sequels. He is a young green iguana who was born from The Legendary Pond in the near islands of Australia but later moved to New York City. He is voiced by Kyle Gass (the lead guitar in the famous comedy rock band Tenacious D).


Larry: The Lizard with A Big Heart[]

  • "I'm not going to let you capture my family ever again!"
  • "Look... I like her. What do i do?"
  • "The sun seems strangely hot. I wonder what makes it that not wintery."
  • "I need to prove myself for my brother!"
  • "If my heart goes to where i follow him, my family would be there."
  • (Turns to the audience) "If you guys were so supportive, my life would be better. But i guess not. Look, let's put out heads together to think of a way to save my family. Okay?"
  • "Hi. You may know me as Larry. But i was called other names: The Lurked Green, Lizard boy, and Larter. Those are three specific nicknames i am used to. Let me tell you a little about me. I live in a cave in the near outskirts of australia near a huge space of water some people call: The Legendary Pond. For it was my former home, i was born from it after my parents. My mother used to tell me stories about the legendary pond's descendants were once great gods that protected the pond for 600 years. My grandparents, before they passed away, were one of them. Until, one day, this guy named Bridge captured all the outskirt's animals, but not just every animal. My family was captured that day as well."