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Diana (pronounced DEE-anna,) also known as Lady Winter, is the previous emissary of the Realm of Mist, preceding Queen Elsa.



From what is seen, Diana was a proud and forceful woman with little patience for what annoyed her. She was deeply connected to her powers, enough to almost abandon her humanity to them, but Diana still respected the traditions of the Sky Maidens, and passed on the power when her time came. Given that she chose her next life to be that of a royal, it is possible that Diana had an appreciation for wealth and luxury.


Like all Sky Maidens, Diana was almost inhumanly beautiful. She was tall, slender woman with very long, straight, white hair and blue eyes. As a winter spirit, Diana had light blue skin. It is likely that when she was still mostly human, she had a pale skintone and platnium blonde hair, like Elsa.

She wore a turquoise dress under a white fur coat with a matching tall hat.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the emissary of the Realm of Mist, Diana was born with the ability to create cold winds, snow and ice and manipulate them in various ways.

By the time of her passing, Diana had chosen to let her powers consume most of her humanity. This allowed her to command the elements of winter on a grander scale, such as creating snowstorms countries away with a mere thought.


The original Snow Queen[]

Few details about Diana's life are given, but it is possible that she hailed from Eastern Europe, given her thick Slavic accent. At some point during early adulthood, Diana left the human world behind in favour of living a seculded life in the wilderness. Without human contact or elements of a human life, Diana grew more connected to the Frost Giant lineage her powers were descened from, transforming her into an immortal winter spirit. She traveled across Europe with the winter season for over one hundred years, becoming the focus of many legends.

After a century, Diana settled in Scandinavia and started to look for prospective heirs. The Sky Maiden came across Queen Idunn of Arendelle, who was pregnant with Elsa at the time, out for a stroll in the winter weather. Diana approached the queen and decided her future daughter would inherit the role of the Realm of Mist's emissary. After the winter spirit departed, Queen Idunn assumed the encounter to be nothing more than a strange dream and forgot about it. It is to be assumed that Diana passed away shortly before Elsa's birth.


  • Diana's name means "divinity." This can refer to the origins of her powers, or her superior attitude. It is also the Roman name for Artemis, the Greek Moon goddess, referencing the Mist emissary's connection to the Moon.
  • It is unknown whether Diana forgot her full name along with her past, or simply considered it insignificant.