Kyla Victor is the main protagonist of the 2026 Disney film Through the Windmill and it's 2032 sequel Through the Windmill, Again. She was voiced by Christy Carlson Romano in the original film and by Laura Marano in the sequel.


Official Bio



Kyla is a fearless and rebellious girl who loves tackling dangerous things and locations, but she doesn't like being under control and will sometimes behave quite immaturely, although she never really seems to care. She's a very smart girl nonetheless and has a huge knowledge of a lot of the world around her. Most of the time, she'll act very indifferent and even-tempered and she hardly ever gets angry. However, when she was younger, because she was an emo and on the autistic spectrum, she would often moan, complain and go crazy, but she has since matured.

Physical appearance

Kyla has very pale skin with blue eyes, light blue eyeshadow and a prominent scar on her forehead. She also has large shaggy, messy black hair and bushy eyebrows. Her normal outfit consists of a black fleece, brown tank top, jeans and black boots.


Through the Windmill

Through the Windmill, Again


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  • She grew up with an abusive father.
  • The prominent scar on her forehead is because she was involved in a knife attack where she was stabbed in her thigh and also received a mild cut to the forehead. Whilst her thigh healed up, her forehead scar as remained permeant.
    • It is later revealed in the film that the person that stabbed her was her own father.
  • She believes she may be on the autistic spectrum. Signs of her autism include:
    • Poor speech and eye contact
    • She sometimes spins herself around
    • She can inappropriately be attracted to strange objects
  • She's always been home-schooled.
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