Kuzco's Utopian Life ,origanally The Empeoror's Utopian life is a fan-made series based on The Empeoror's New Groove.After the end of the Empeoror's New School,Kuzco's Kingdom starts overflowing,okay I'll move on,Kuzco,Kronk,Yzma,Malina,Mr.Moleguaco,Guaka, and Krank,Kuzco's 5 cousins,and Kronk's 8 cousins all compete in a contest called Utopia.The winner recives 50,00 Kuzcoins.


Season 1

1.The Challenge

Everyone Kuzco knows(Including him)enter the contest.

2.Malina vs Guaka.

Guaka battles Malina and easaly loses.


Yzma builds a ship to get some more Kuzcoins.

4.Prankster battle.

Everyone has to do a prank.Elimanted:Guaka.

5.The show.

Everyone puts on a show.

6.Jungle rumble

Kronk and Krank get into a fight.

7.Jungle circus

The guys put on a circus.


Krank attacks Kuzco.Elimanated:Krank.

9.Season Finale 1!

For this finale,they must swim!

Season 2.

1.Welcome Back!

The gang is back!

2.Malina Vs. Yzma.

When Malina and Yzma and switch bodies they have switch back by midnight.

3.Yzma angry.

When the Wrinklesaur is gone she vows to get revenge.Elimanated:Yzma


Everyone must Cure Mr.Moleguaco before he dies.

5.Double,Double,Kronk In Trouble!

Yzma's Latest Machine Turns Kronk Into Chipmunk Kronk & Cooking Kronk

6.Cancalled,AKA Season Finale 2

Wha,We were Cancalleddddddddddddddddd!