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This is a list of the Kings and queens of Disney Land. Its rival kingdom is Disney World.

  • Sultan
  • Sultan Aladdin
  • Sultaness Jasmine
  • King Adam
  • Queen Belle
  • King Stephen
  • Queen Matilda
  • Queen Aurora
  • King Phillip (son of King Hulbert)

History of Disney Land (fiction)[]

Disney Land (in Fiction) started off as a desert. It was ruled by a Sultan. The Sultan was succeeded by his son-in law, Aladdin and his daughter Jasmine. Then, an evil witch turned the place into a stormy marshy rainy place. The Sultans turned to Kings. King Adam, son of Aladdin, ruled. He was turned into a Beast by the witch. He was freed by Belle, who he married. Disney World became a sunny countryside. Adam's son, Stephen, married Matilda, and had Aurora. Disney World King Hulbert's youngest son Phillip (his oldest son had married Cinderella) married Aurora, daughter of King Stephen. When his older brother and Cinderella died, Phillip took the throne of Disney World, too/ Now the two rival countries were at peace.