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King Jackson Crabgrass is one of the main characters of Disney's KunoichiShow!. His mother Lady Staci Crabgrass was The Kunoichi of Ninchantiss before his cousin Princess Dollianne who happens to be a Junior Disney Princess. He was upgraded to The King instead of The Prince of Ninchantiss so he can become a Kunomi branded shinobi by The Royal Ninja Council. Jack is voiced by Brennan Mejia who played Tyler Navarro, The Red Ranger from power Rangers Dino Charge  and Power_Rangers_Dino_Super Charge  . His singing voice is provided by Scott Grimes, who currently voices Steve Smith from TBS' American Dad!


Nothing much said about Jack history but here's the following. Jack is the only child and son of Madame Staci Crabgrass. On the day of his birth, Jack was dubbed The Newborn Prince of Ninchantiss...for only 12 minutes.Jack was automatically upgraded to King of Ninchantiss under 3 seconds. When Jack turned 5 The Royal Kunomi Council made him an honorary make Kunoichi to defend his kingdom.

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Kain (Kyokai no Rin-ne) Jack's Rumic World Counterpart

Kasumi MomochiCharacter Inspiration


  • Jack is the only character of KunoichiShow to have a Rumic World counterpart from Kyokai no Rinne.
  • Jack is known as the first african american king since Boomer from Pair Of Kings, another Disney Channel show.
  • According to show's creator, ChardonnayBloo defines Jack as "A male Kasumi Momochi, but of a different race and ranger color."
  • According to show's creator, Jack secretly collects vintage Madame Alexander dolls and currently owns 45 dolls in his closet.
  • Strangely, Jack is a full official shinobi,however he has never worn is official ninja suit.