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Kim Possible and The Digital Universe is an upcoming live-action/animated sequel to Kim Possible.This is Walt Disney's fifth theatrical feature film based on video games, after Tron, Tron Legacy, Video Game Legends and Wreck-It Ralph .The movie references Super Mario Bros,Donkey Kong,Pac Man,Mario Golf and Sonic The Hedgehog. This is the first time that Donald Duck appeared in this movie & also the first crossover of Donald Duck & Kim Possible. 


After the events of the first movie,Dr.Drakken,Duff Killagin,Monkey Fist,The Seniors and Shego escape from jail and enter the digital realm to rule the internet however,the six villains are sent into video games.Kim,Ron,and Rufus finds a duck named Donald Duck. They asked Donald to help.And the 4 enter the digital realm to stop the villains from taking over the world where the rest of the film goes into 8-bit animation.


Amanda Bynes - Kim Possible

Lucas Gabereel - Ron Stoppable

Kyle Massey - Wade

Nancy Cartwright - Voice of Rufus

Mike Myers - Dr.Drakken

Ellen Page - Shego

Hugo Weaving - Monkey Fist

Craig Ferguson - Duff Killagin

Danny Trejo - Señor Senior Sr.

Taylor Lautner - Señor Senior Jr.

Tony Anselmo - Donald Duck