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Karen Goldie Trolley is one the major characters in Youngsters. Karen is sweet-natured and fun-loving like Minnie, she is shown as the best friend of Raisa Ross and one of the closet friends of Brandi Civine and Paws Crumpster. She is based on Minnie Mouse.


Karen is a little human girl with a big interest of blue and yellow, which why her clothes are those colors, but she also wears many other colors as well. 


Karen is really like Minne, sweet, kind and gentle. Karen is though alittle more 

Singing history[]

Karen became the fourth member of the Cupcaked Papayas, a band by her new friend Brandi Civine. Karen, along with Casey Clovers, is one of the two main "sweet heart singers". She sings more rock occasions while Casey does most of the country ocassions. She is most known for covering A Nice Girl like me when the Cupcaked Papayas debuted to the House of Mouse.

Songs sung by Karen[]

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  5. Cubby Bearville
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  7. A Nice girl like me
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My Disney Experience[]

Karen is one of the nicest girls we can ever meet. With many child stars picking on her like crazy for not being spoiled, she tries hardest to stay the kind person she is. Karen though 


  • Karen is named in honor of Karen Pendleton of the original 1950s Mickey Mouse Club.

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