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The Junkyard Cars are minor characters in The Brave Little Toaster. They are a group of scrapped cars who live in the junkyard of Ernie's Disposal.

Role in the film[]

When Toaster and the other appliances are sent to the junkyard, they watch in awe as several cars are loaded onto a large conveyor belt by the Giant Magnet and killed by Crusher. The cars being loaded onto the belt sing the song "Worthless," where they each tell their respective story of how they ended up in the junkyard.

The cars heard singing in "Worthless" include a blue sedan, a pink convertible, a red sports car, an old racing car, a yellow limousine, a hearse, a wood-sided wagon and a green pickup truck. A black car and a brown car also have minor speaking roles.


  • In the Latin Spanish dub, the brown car has a female voice.
  • In the Ukrainian dub, the racing car and the brown car have female voices.
  • In the Hungarian dub, the hearse has a female voice.
  • In the Icelandic dub, the wood-sided wagon has a male voice.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, the hearse and the brown car have female voices while the wood-sided wagon has a male voice.
  • In the Serbian dub, the yellow limousine has a male voice.


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