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The Junior Disney Villains is a sub-franchise of Disney Villains with evil teen/child members.

Official Members[]


  • Xerxes (Mozenrath)

Secondary members[]

  • Misery Twins
  • Courtney Bertinelli
  • Kevin (Wreck-it Ralph 2)
  • Kinsey (Tangled II)
  • Jany (Eska series)


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Former Members[]

  • Jason (reformed when his mother gave him the Shooting Star Keyblade)
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge (redeemed after losing the sugar rush race and having her memories restored)
  • Tarisa Miller (reformed after learning of her older sister's true motives)
  • Reuben (a.k.a. 205)
  • Princess Amber (kicked out after reconciling with Sofia)
  • Prince Cassius (kicked out after reforming in Wreck-it-Rachel II)

Spinoff Franchises[]


  • Winona and Adrian are the second couple in the franchise, the first being Cassius and Martha.
  • Princess Amber is officially the first  Junior Disney Villain to be kicked out while the other former members all quit.
  • The junior disney villains show no affiliations with the disney villains, since they only cause minor trouble. The only three disney villains that show no liking to the juniors are Frollo, Scar, and The Queen of Hearts; Frollo confirmed that he hates children, Scar thinks that they would ruin their plans, and The queen has asked Maleficent many times why should she trust a bunch of "difficult delinquents".