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The Junior Disney Princess Spectacular Sing-A-Long is complication album of songs of The Junior Disney Princesses. The DVD also includes 2 of the franchise's temporary members Violet Parr and a bonus music video of China Doll. Even though Kilala is an official member of the lineup,she is not included in the DVD because she came from a manga made by Disney.

Featued Songs[]

  • "Hello World" (Java) sung by Gingereena
  • "Watch me Shine" (Joanna Pacitti) featuring Wendy Darling
  • "Someone's Waiting for you" featuring Penny
  • "One Girl Revolution" (Cadet Kelly or Superchick) featuring Eilonwy
  • "For a Moment" sung by Melody
  • "In a world of my own" sung by Alice
  • "Supergirl" featuring Violet Parr
  • "Miss Independent" (Kelly Clarkson) featuring Kairi
  • "2 Stars" featuring China Doll
  • "Sweet little Bumblebee" (Bambi) featuring Mabel pines
  • "Candy Candy" (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) featuring Vanellope
  • "What Lost Girls Do" Sung by Jane

Bonus Featured Songs[]

  • "Sweet Sweet Ninja" sung by Kitty
  • "I Wanna Be Free" sung by Goldyne
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Junior Disney princess Spectacular Sing-A-Long