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Joseph "Joey" Lawrence Jr. is an American actor, R&B singer, and television host who has two younger brothers, Matthew and Andrew, who are also actors. At the age of 12, he voiced Oliver in Oliver & Company. Less than 2 years later, he played Joey Russo on the Disney-owned sitcom Blossom, and toward the end of its run, he voiced Chad in A Goofy Movie.

Four years later, he voiced Franklin Dudikoff in the Recess episode; "The Dude", while his younger brother, Andrew, was the voice of T.J. at the time. He also starred in the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie, Horse Sense (with his brothers, Andrew and Matthew (a small role) ), and its 2001 sequel, Jumping Ship (with his brothers) as Michael Woods. In 2007, he voiced Dirk Brock in The Emperor's New School episode: "The Emperor's New School Musical". In 1993, he played the role of Jeff Thornton in The Torkelsons episode; "Girls and Boy". In 1995, he starred as Joe Roman in Brotherly Love along with his brothers.

Between 2010 and 2015, he starred as Joe Longo on the ABC Family TV comedy series, Melissa & Joey.

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