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Joanna Myres is the main deuteragonist of Bandicoot. She is a modern 21 century girl and Bobbie's best friend.

She is voiced by Ariel Winter, who voiced Sofia in Sofia the First.


Joanna was born to Jake and Jane in a suburban area of New Jersey. When she was little, she used to watch reruns of Bobbie and Friends, but was upset when she heard that he was locked up. When she was ten, she found out that Bobbie had escaped and was ecstatic. When she first met Bobbie, she befriended him quickly. Then, she helped him find his friends, who were banished in exile on another island.


Joanna is a tomboy, who likes going on adventures. She is very adventurous, but sometimes a bit rebellious. Sometimes this rebellious behavior gets them in trouble. But her courageous side usually helps them through situations that need bravery.

Besides being a tomboy, Joanna can be pretty sweet. She usually cares about others, besides putting her first. Many kids her age like her because she holds her head high in confidence, is very outgoing, and can be very funny.

Joanna, like Bobbie, is very musical. She can only play two instruments, the guitar and the harmonica, but is very skilled at both of them.

Physical Appearance[]

Joanna is a slender, ten year old with long wispy orange hair and milk chocolate eyes. She has side swept bangs that go to the right.

She usually wears a different colored T-shirt over a grey long sleeve, a jean skirt over black leggings, purple sneakers with yellow laces and a magenta stripe, and a dark purple scarf tied around her right leg.


  • "Dude, are we doing this again?" (Asks that when Bobbie is wrapping up the show)
  • (trying to explain Butterflies in your stomach to Bobbie) "You don't really have butterflies in your stomach. It just means it tickles on the inside, also your arm hairs stick up. Oh, and sometimes you fall off the couch"
  • "I'll tell you what. Monisa wasn't my A+ favorite character. No disrespect or anything"
  • "Ha! You? Bobbie the Bandicoot?! That's insane."
  • "But Bob-bie...food truck"


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  • Joanna gets butterflies easily.
  • Joanna's afraid of thunderstorms and blood.


Video Games[]

Mix the Match[]

Joanna is a playable character in the Bandicoot game, Mix the Match.