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Jinx and Jasper has been close neighbors since four years (according to Eggy). Jasper lives in an house in Canada with his owners next to Jinx's house. They often have many conversations. During the beginning of the film, after Waffles informs that Jasper died, she is seen mourning and crying over his death.

For you're information, Jinx is NOT my girlfriend. She's loud and boring and totally annoying. I'd rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss that shrub!
Jasper talking about Jinx
I've said some pretty horrible things about a girl who deserves a lot better. Jinx, you're really cool, and funny, and I've had a great time hanging out with you back then when we were still alive. But as an old wise cat once told me, actions speak louder than words.
Jasper apologizes to Jinx

Later in the film, after her death, she doesn't recognize him as a zombie until he introduces himself; Jasper finally recognizes her by her appearance, and they reunited. Jinx was immediately fascinated by Jasper from the moment they reunited, and developed an infatuation with him. During the film, she became livid and heartbroken when Jasper asserts that he hates her, and he insults her behind her back. Feeling guilty, Jasper promptly apologizes to Jinx for his behavior and shares his first real romance with her. In the end, they were both restored to life and became mates, meaning Jasper starts living with Jinx's owner, Brenda.

Will you be my mate for life?
Jasper proposes to Jinx



Although they appear to be enemies, Jinx and Shinigami seem to be developing a good friendship during the film. Shinigami enjoys making Jinx suffer and likes to get a reaction from her, while at the same time she will also run to her for help and comfort. She is seen hanging around Jinx although she claims to dislike her and says, "I'm not your friend," in a joyous voice. In the end of the film, they finally become actual friends, where they both refer to each other as friends.