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Jean Grey is a character in the X-Men Cinematic Universe who appears as the title character in Dark Phoenix. She is portrayed by Famke Janssen, while Sophie Turner portrays her in the prequels.

Jean Grey was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Film Appearances[]

Dark Phoenix[]

Jean Grey appears in the film Dark Phoenix, with her alternative personality "Dark Phoenix" being the main antagonist. She meets Vuk, who intends to take the Phoenix force from her. However as Vuk is attempting to drain Jean. Jean takes her into outer space, retakes the power that Vuk had received earlier, and then kills her. Jean then disappears in a burst of energy in the form of a phoenix. In the aftermath of the incident, Xavier's school is renamed the "Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters". Jean eventually resurfaces alive on Earth, as she was seen in the school in the canonical future of the New Timeline




Physical appearance[]

Powers and Abilities[]