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It's Punky Brewster is an animated spin-off of the live action television sitcom Punky Brewster. It was animated by Ruby-Spears Productions.


IPB Punky and Glomer

The series featured the voices of the original Punky Brewster cast as their respective characters. A new character, Glomer (voiced by Frank Welker), was added as the "leprechaun gopher". He came from Chaundoon, a city at the end of the rainbow and possesses various magical powers. One such power was the ability to transport Punky and her friends, Margaux, Cherie, and Allen, and at times her dog, Brandon, to any part of the Earth instantly. Some episodes included Glomer having to correct his own mistakes, as when he plays around with magic and transforms Henry into a statue of Julius Caesar. It's Punky Brewster is the series' unofficial name; on the title card and in TV listings, it was simply called Punky Brewster.

In season 2, shows 4 through 13 had a first-run episode and a repeat from the first season. The series was canceled in September 1987 but returned in replays in October 1988 after NBC's live action pre-teen show 2 Hip 4 TV was canceled. Selected episodes were syndicated as a revolving feature of DIC's Maxie's World in 1989.




Season 1[]

  1. Punky To The Rescue
  2. The Quartersize Quarterback
  3. The Gold Rush
  4. Phar Out Pharaoh
  5. Pretty Ugly
  6. Glomer's Story
  7. Brandon The Dialogue Dog
  8. Winning Isn't Everything
  9. Punky Wise And Pound Foolish
  10. Christmas In July
  11. Return To Chaundoon
  12. A Small Mistake
  13. Halloween Howlers
  14. The Perils Of Punky
  15. Glomer Punks Out
  16. Louvre Affair
  17. Growing Pain
  18. Double Your Punky
  19. Spellbound
  20. The Shoe Must Go On
  21. Switchin' Places
  22. How The Midwest Was Won
  23. Any Wish Way You Can
  24. The Bermuda Tangle
  25. Unidentified Flying Glomer
  26. Fish Story

Season 2[]

  1. Little Orphan Punky
  2. Punky's Millions
  3. Punky, Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
  4. Punky The Heiress
  5. Fair Feathered Friend
  6. Be My Glomley
  7. All In Henry's Family
  8. Call Me Ms.
  9. Punky P.I.
  10. Mississippi Mud
  11. Punky's Little Acre
  12. Camp Confusion
  13. Bright Eyes
  14. Mother Of The Year
  15. Allen Who?
  16. Caught In The Act

Theme Song[]

Punky Brewster Theme[]

Voice Cast[]

  • Soleil Moon Frye as Punky Brewster
  • Cherie Johnson as Herself
  • Ami Froster as Margaux Kramer
  • Casey Eillson as Allen Anderson
  • Geroge Gaynes as Henry Warnimont
  • Frank Welker as Glomer and Brandon the Dog