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Holly and Noel is a 2D animated television series made by Disney animated studios. The series is set to premiere in December of 2025.


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The series revolves around Santa Claus' two daughters, Holly and Noel Kringle, as they go throughout their lives around Christmastown Village, North Pole. While learning to get into the toy-making and Christmas-bringing business, they learn that their father is part of the Legendary Council, a group full of the holiday mascots. The sisters go through various adventures with their Christmas friends and the other legendary figures, a major one stopping the Halloween mascot, Jack O. Lantern, and his pumpkin pack from overthrowing Santa's company.


Kringle Family

Holly Kringle (Mae Whitman)- A feminine, optimistic, and extroverted aspiring Toymaker and one of the main protagonists of the series. She tends to be dramatic and vain at times, but she cares deeply about her sister and her friends. She also has a goal to become the first female Santa Claus, though her brother, Nicholas, gets in her way. She has a major crush on Jack Frost.

Noel Kringle (Brenda Song)- Holly's fraternal twin sister and the other main protagonist. Unlike Holly, Noel is more shy, timid, introverted, and socially awkward. Though she is a bit self conscious about herself, she doesn't see how amazing a person she really is. She likes to bake all kinds of goodies, such has heart-warming cookies, and has a secret talent for singing.

Nicholas Kringle (Taylor Gray)- Holly and Noel's older brother who is in training to become the next Santa Claus. He is a lot more laid-back and doesn't take his training seriously. Later on in the series, he gets a job as a Drive-in waiter at an old malt shop, and gives his Santa Claus training to Holly.

Santa Claus/Kris Kringle (Clancy Brown)- Holly, Nicholas, and Noel's father and the current Santa Claus. Like many Santa Claus's before him, he's a jolly soul who gives toys to all the good children of the world.

Mrs. Claus/Carol Kringle (Candi Milo)- Santa Claus's wife and Holly, Noel, and Nicholas's mother. She is the head chef in Santa's workshop.


Tinsel (Adam DeVine)- The happy-go-lucky administrator of the Naughty and Nice list. He is also the personal servant and closest elf friend of Holly and Noel.

Evergreen (Tom Kenny)- A skilled inventor and woodcarver who was the inventor of Santa's Toymaking machine. He often stutters when he speaks. He develops a crush on Krystal, which developed into a relationship and soon enough marriage.

Pepper(Matt Jones)- The protector of Santa's workshop and the head of Elf security. He acts like an army soldier and is very determined to protect Santa's workshop and the Christmastown village.

Garland (Michael Douglas)- The head elf, Santa's oldest friend, and co-founder of the magic workshop. Though cranky at times, he has a good heart.

Pixie(Kari Wahlgren)- The head manager of the elves and perfectionist. She strives to make sure everything is going smoothly and perfectly, even if it means bossing the other elves around.

Sugarplum(Lucy Liu)- Mrs. Claus's assistant chef and one of the best cooks at the North Pole. She is Noel's role model and one of her closest friends. Sugarplum also teaches Kung Fu to the other elves.

McJingles(Brian George)- The head elf who's in charge of the Santa's reindeer. Though he tries to act tough, he has a big soft spot for animals.

Gingersnap (Kelly Sheridan)- The darling of Santa's Workshop and co-administrator of the Naughty and Nice list.

Mistletoe (Jeff Bennett)- The French accented workshop and village decorator and hopeless romantic. True to his name, he carries a mistletoe around to try to get a kiss out of the nearest elf girl, Holly, or Noel.

Krystal (Jocelyn Loewen)- a plus size silver elf. A sweet and gentle elf who was bullied for wearing silver (a non traditional Christmas color) until the twins and their friends helped her out. She eventually starts dating and soon enough marrying Evergreen.

Christmastown Residents

Hope (Sarah Silverman) - An anthropomorphic reindeer and Holly's best friend.

Chilly (Jeremy Jordan) - Frosty and Crystal's son who has a crush on Holly.

Shimmer (Christy Carlson Romano) - Chilly's adventurous sister and another friend of Holly's.

Whittaker (Justin Roiland) - a kind-hearted and down-to-earth arctic wolf and friend to both Kringle twins. Despite being a wolf, he is a friendly and loyal soul.

Angel (Lisa Kay Jennings) - A snobbish and spoiled winter sprite and Holly's main rival and frenemy.

Jack Frost (Rider Strong) - A mischievous winter figure and Holly's crush. He's a bit of a bad boy who likes pulling practical jokes with snow and frost.

Frosty (Richard Kind) - A magical snowman brought to life by children years ago. He currently resides at the North Pole with his wife, Crystal, and their children, Chilly and Shimmer.

Flurry (Diana Keaton) - Chilly and Shimmer's mother and Frosty the Snowman's wife.

Rudolph (Gage Munroe) - A red-nosed reindeer and the lead on Santa's Sleigh. He used to have misfit issues with his nose and the other reindeer, but they've since made amends.

Dasher (Doron Bell Jr.) - A reindeer on Santa's Sleigh and a complete speed demon. He sometimes likes challenging the other reindeer, mainly Blitzen.

Dancer (Kyle Rideout) - A reindeer on Santa's Sleigh who loves to dance. He's an extroverted soul who loves having dance parties.

Prancer (John Oliver) - A vain, yet well meaning reindeer on Santa's Sleigh. Despite looking at himself and keeping himself looking good, he also likes helping in the kitchen as a baker.

Vixen (Michael Adamthwaithe) - A comedic reindeer on Santa's Sleigh and magician. Many often think it is Vixen's ideas that help Santa pack his back and fit in chimneys.

Comet (Grant George) - A reindeer on Santa's Sleigh who's an all around good guy. Great with children of all ages, he's very easygoing and talented. He's often the childrens' favorite of Santa's reindeer.

Cupid (Rasmus Hardiker) - The hopeless romantic reindeer on Santa's Sleigh. He loves getting along with others, especially Mistletoe, because the two share a love for love.

Donner (Patrick Warburton) - The low-voiced reindeer on Santa's Sleigh who loves to sing. He mostly likes singing jazz songs in his deep tone. He and Blitzen sometimes do duets.

Blitzen (Sam Vincent) - A reindeer on Santa's Sleigh with electrifying speed. He's close friends with Dasher and Donnor, as he likes racing Dasher and singing with Donnor. He's also very determined to get things done, no matter how hard they are, and can get them done in record time.

Olive (Tati Gabrielle) - A female reindeer that used to bully Rudolph years ago, but has since made amends with him. She is the only female reindeer on the team.

Shadrack (Zachary Levi) - A black reindeer with intense speed and a high opinion of himself. Despite his arrogance, he is shown to have soft heart inside, which eventually earned him a part of Santa's reindeer and a friend to both the twins.

Yeti (Dee Bradley Baker) - A friendly and playful abominable snowman that Noel meets in "Abominable". He is a kind-hearted, yet dumbfounded abominable snowman who usually grunts when he speaks. He has a son named Abram, who is more intelligent than he is.

Abram (Eric Edelstein) - A teenage abominable snowman and the rather far-more intelligent son of the twins' Yeti friend. He is shown to be more smarter then his dad, even able to talk. Abram is a big but kind and friendly soul who sometimes acts like a friendly rival towards Jack as well as normally acting as a main supporter for Noel as Jack can be for Holly. He shown to have a crush on Noel, though only Holly and Jack really notice it.

Other Holiday Beings

Nico (Austin Di Iulio) - Full name Nicodemus, the youngest son of the Easter Bunny and future Easter bunny himself. He becomes one of the first four non-Christmas members of Holly and Noel's team against Jack O'Lantern and Tom Turkey. He's a friendly young rabbit determined to follow his dad's footsteps, he also has a crush on Hope.

Amarissa (Lalaine Vergara-Paras) - a love fairy with misty pink angel-like wings and one of the many apprentices of Cupid V. Always affectionate and sweet with everyone (much like C.V. and the other Valentine's Day beings), Amarissa can timid and easily prone to tears at times.

Bridget  (Ellie Kemper) - a leaf fairy from Ireland who's training with Charm and other leprechauns. She becomes one of the first four non-Christmas members of Holly and Noel's team. Bridget is headstrong but loyal to her friends, yet has a pet peeve of coal and other dusty things.

Timmy Turkey (Gia Lopez) - a little turkey chick and Tom Turkey's nephew. Despite being a Thanksgiving being, Holly and Noel realizes how naïve he is and showed the true nature of his uncle, prompting him to join their team against him and Jack. Being only a baby, Timmy is very sweet and playful, but easily deceived.

Nyx (Maryke Hendrikse) - The Sandman's imaginative, reserved, and mischievous daughter who transforms Christmastown into a dreamland in "Dream". She later becomes a part of Holly and Noel's group against Jack and Tom in Season 3. It is also revealed later in season 3 that she might have feelings for Virgo.

Elle (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - A peacemaking goddess. She's the peacemaker of the team who tries to make everyone get along. She has a mellifluous voice that can calm just about anyone. She often looks up to Mother Nature as a mother figure.

Gemini (Christopher Sean) - He is the son of Mother Nature and a celestial being who creates art among the stars. He's an outgoing, talkative, and charismatic figure who's generally easy-going and adaptable. He has a very strong sense of humor, even the weirdest of humor. He is fun-loving to be around. He also has a crush on Elle.

Virgo (Joseph Haro) - son of Mother Nature and Gemini's brother. Like his brother, Virgo has ability to create art among the stars, yet he tends to be more artistic and likes to make dance choreography while doing it. Virgo is a kind and graceful soul being polite and considerate with everyone he cares about. He also has love for dancing, reading books, and painting. Like Santa's twin daughters, he has a loving relationship with Gemini.

Libra - The newborn daughter of Mother Nature and Gemini and Virgo's newest baby sister. She debuts in the two parter "Delivery". She was almost not born when Mother Nature was drawing closer to death, but was saved when her mother's energy was restored. She is a playful and curious baby who can get into anything. It is revealed that she also has magical powers.

Corney  (Antony Del Rio) - full name Cornelius. The adopted son of Father Time and the future Father Time. While is he can be quite proud of himself, he is overall loyal and caring to his friends, mainly Holly, Noel, Evergreen, Nico, and Amarissa.

Adriana (Kimberly Brooks) - the niece of the Tooth Fairy. Adriana is the oldest girl of the all the Legendary Figures' children (Nicholas being the oldest boy). While she is book-smart and kind-hearted, she can be somewhat grumpy. Adriana especially disapproves of Holly's shallowness when it comes to "stereotypical girly" things. She also has a crush on Monty.

Ichabod O'Lantern (Mel Rodriguez) - Jack O'Lantern's younger brother and his kids' uncle. Unlike his wicked brother, he is much more kinder and friendlier Halloween being who loves all holidays equally as much as Halloween. Holly and Noel manage to help him stand up for himself against his brother, therefore becoming the first Halloween being in their team against him and Tom Turkey.

Bruno (Daniel Kaluuya) - A black werewolf who can change forms by will. Like Whittaker, Bruno is good-hearted and loyal. Despite being an Halloween-being, Bruno loves all holidays and wants to have friends, which prompted to leave the Halloween City and ended up near Christmastown. After Noel convinces everyone that he is indeed good, Bruno becomes the second Halloween-being to join the team against Jack O'Lantern and Tom Turkey, as well as a good friend to Whittaker and Holly.

Christmastown Academy

Finn Sugarbee (Josh Brener)- A formerly friendless and big hearted nerd and Noel's new friend turned boyfriend that debuts in the episode "Nerd". He had a crush on Holly, but after hanging out with Noel, his feelings shifted towards her.

Rufus (Thomas Lennon)- A creepy and philosophical student at Christmastown Academy.

Jeanette (Grey Griffin)- A cheerleader from Christmastown Academy and one of Angel's friends.

LaJennifer (Tara Strong)- A cheerleader from Christmastown Academy and one of Angel's friends.

Hayliet (Ashleigh Ball)- A cheerleader from Christmastown Academy who has a obsessive crush on Nicholas. Her crush eventually dwindles and she soon moves onto Edmond.

Lola (Michaela Dietz)- A creative and imaginative artist who's friends with Noel, Cassandra, and Destinee.

Cassandra (Andrea Libman)- A cheerful and energetic cheerleader who is friends with Aznis and Destinee. She aspires to be a great actress.

Destinee (China Ann McClain)- A calm and shy friend of Calliope, Noel, and Cassandra. She loves to sing, but is too timid to do so.

Mercedes (Greg Cipes)- Nicholas's bumbling, clumsy, but lovable friend.

Owen (Jason Marsden)- An expert snowboarder and Nicholas's best friend.

Edmond (Matt Hill)- Nicholas's jockish frenemy.

Skyler (Nicole Sullivan)- A sarcastic tomboy.

Monty (Max Casella)- A mobster kind of student who likes making deals. He and Skyler tend to butt heads.

Legendary Figures Council

Mother Nature (Nicole Oliver)- The legendary figure of the seasons and the leader of the Legendary Figures Council. She was created by the Almighty Creator to keep in charge of all things nature.

Father Time (Scott Lawrence)- The figure of time and the co-leader of the Legendary Figures Council.

Easter Bunny (Tom Scharpling)-The figure of the Easter Holiday.

Tooth Fairy (Miranda Hart)- Though not a figure of a holiday, the tooth fairy collects teeth from all the children of the world.

Jack O. Lantern (Michael C. Hall)- The figure for Halloween and the main antagonist who tries to overthrow Santa.

Tom Turkey (Gilbert Gottfried) - The figure of Thanksgiving. Though seemingly nice on the outside, he is secretly working with Jack O. Lantern in their plan to overthrow Santa.

Cupid Valentine (Daran Norris)- The figure for Valentine's day, usually nicknamed "C.V." to avoid confusion with him and one of Santa's reindeer.

Sandman (Steven Stanton)- The figure of sleep. Though he doesn't have a holiday, he is in charge of bringing good dreams to all those who sleep.

Charm McTatoes (Rob Paulsen)- The figure of St. Patrick's day.

The Pumpkin Pack

Regan (Aparna Nancherla) -  A young night mage who serves as one of two leader figures of the Pumpkin Pack, She is usually collective and quiet, yet has a cruel temper when angered. Her magic is mostly spider-themed mixed with the element of darkness.

Freddy O'Lantern (Richard Ian Cox) - A teenage pumpkinhead and the oldest of Jack O'Lantern's children. He serves as the second leader figure of the Pumpkin Pack. Freddy is absent-minded and rude, acting like to bully to even his own siblings. The only ones he respects are his dad and Regan.

Rosemary O'Lantern (Yvonne Strahovski) - The second-oldest and only daughter of Jack O'Lantern. Rosemary is vain, arrogant, and a pompous brat whom Jack somewhat spoils and thinks of herself more superior than her brothers (and Regan, who finds her very annoying).

Jason O'Lantern (Jon Heder) - The middle child of Jack O'Lantern. He is sneaky and incredibly naughty, playing danger pranks whenever he wants, and not caring if one could die because of them.

Damien O'Latern (Bradley Steven Perry) - the second youngest son of Jack O'Lantern. Damien is mischievous and is shown to be close with Regan, Cullen, and Dexter.

Dexter O'Lantern (TBA) - the youngest of Jack O'Lantern's children. Dexter appears more with Damien, as they are the closet to each more than their rude older siblings. Even Regan and Cullen treat them better.

Cullen (Booboo Stewart) - A young monster who can shape-shift into any male form he wants. Cullen is shown to smart but also arrogant at times. Yet he shown to be close to all his Pumpkin Pack members/friends.

Other Characters

Prince William "Willy" Candystripe (Casey Morrow)- The well-mannered and charming prince of the CandyLand Kingdom and the love interest for both Holly and Noel in the episode "Prince"

Blizzardo (Kevin Michael Richardson)- The ice king and one of Santa's closest friends who appeared in the episode "Ice King". At first, he appears kind-hearted and charismatic, but is soon revealed to be a malicious and power-hungry man who uses an army of snow-monsters to take over Santa's factory.


  • Noel shares the same name with another of Santa's daughters who shares the same goal with Holly in the movie, Noelle.
  • The reindeer's personalities are based off an article by Cynthia Calhoun named A List of Santa's Reindeer Names and Their Personalities on Holidappy.
  • Frosty's family is a bit different from some media, as his wife's name is Crystal, and his daughter's name is Shimmer. However, his son's name is Chilly and his younger sister's name is Flurry.
  • There is a Christian undertone in the series mentioning The Almighty Creator, benevolent master of Mother Nature, as this is alluding to the fact that God is the Almighty Creator.