Holly Kringle is one of the main protagonists of the TV series Holly and Noel. She is an aspiring toymaker who thrives to be the first female Santa Claus. 



Holly is a cheerful and optimistic person who is filled with the Christmas spirit. She is extremely extroverted and loves hanging around people, whether it be the elves or her friends. She is often easily excitable and loud, and loves taking up new challenges. She is shown to be very determined, especially when it's becoming the first female Santa Claus, even though her brother, Nicholas, is in training to become Santa Claus.

Holly is very feminine and girlish, wanting to be in style with every fashion trend in Christmastown Village. She is also somewhat boy crazy, and is shown to be attracted to handsome men, especially mischievous Jack Frost, whom she has a crush on. Holly likes to playfully flirt with them, and sometimes other boys when she wants something. However, she usually shows disinterest in guys that are of a lower class than her, and can be a bit snobbish to them.

Despite her cheerful and light-hearted demeanor, Holly does have her flaws. She can be a bit vain about her appearance, and is easily jealous of other girls flirting with Jack Frost. She can also be stubborn and strong-willed when she doesn't want to do something. This counts in trying to forgive someone that has gotten on her bad side, and can be occasionally rude to them, even if they are genuinely sorry. However, Holly is a well meaning person who would never hurt anyone on purpose, especially her sister, Noel.


Holly is a slender, 15-year-old human with fair skin, long blonde hair that reaches her hips and curved up at the end with side swept bangs with a wave, and light blue eyes.

Due to wanting to become the first female Santa, she wears Santa themed outfits, her most seen one being a red, long-sleeved criss cross shirt , a light blue buckle a red skirt with fur across the brim, dark grey leggings, and red high heeled knee high boots. She has white fur going along the wrists, outline of the shirt, bottom of skirt, and top of the boots.

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