Hegan Charles Robinson is the main protagonist of Traffic Lights.


Hegan is very strongly characterized. He has always been good hearted. He has a very nice personality to everyone, with the exception of those who are mean to him. His greatest relationships he has with is his family and his besties, Carlo and Denver and his girlfriend, Britany Doghouse. Hegan is a very happy person. He has feelings in his heart to always want to help everyone with everything.


  • Hegan had his clothing appearances changed many several times because Evan feared most people, especially little children will look at him as a rip off or too similar to Calliou, or Charlie Brown, which is why he has red hair instead of being bald and that's also why his shirt is half red and half yellow and that was why his pants are green instead of blue.
  • His eye color was originally to be yellow, but where ultimately changed to brown for unknown reasons.


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