Hasira is Banzai and Salina's daughter and the second oldest cub.

Hasira is a hot-headed yet caring hyena girl, with a tomboyish attitude. She's a tough guy and can be very sarcastic and sometimes very mean, but deep down she had shown several times that she actually cares for her friends and family, even though she hates to admit it.

Mostly, Hasira comes across as the serious, humorless character with a teasing personality, and hates to play and being nice, since she wants to be a tough hyena. It's seen that she doesn't have any sense of humor, which is very unlikely for most hyenas, but sometimes smirks, which makes her a complex character. In the book, "The Adventures Of The Pride Lands And The Outlands", she's a tough big sister/little sister and the smartest in her family. Her brashness sometimes causes trouble for her, for example when Hasira glares at her little sister, Salia who is very scared of her, backs away from her in fright, which Hasira doesn't seem to care about at all.

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