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Dragon Physiology, Part One[]

  • Haurko: I am Haruko Miyazaki. I am also the part of the Miyazaki clan.
  • Dragon-O: Miyazaki?
  • Haurko: Back then, the Miyazaki Clan and the Ueda Clan were centenarian enemies. The Miyazaki Clan were responsible for the temporary extinction of the Ueda Clan. That day, my father Kenta Miyazaki killed Taro Ueda, the leader of the Ueda Clan, and took his daughter, Kotoko Ueda, as an infant and raised her as his own. Months later, I was born. Kotoko and I grew up together, competing in all matters as siblings do, even in love. Years passed, and Kotoko and I were still close, until Kotoko then finally learned her true family, in rage she attacked my own father, but suddenly she accidently killed my mother and took away everything we had. Kotoko ran away and never came back. Having lost my father, my mother and my home, I went to America, to start a new life by going to high school. Months later, an elderly man put a spell on me turning me into a dragon. It was awful. And right now, Kotoko found out that I was still alive and followed me to end this nightmare.
  • Dragon-O: That makes you a full-fledged salamander hottie!
  • Haruko: And do not call me "salamander" or "hottie".
  • Dragon-O: I think I'm in love!
  • Haruko: Kotoko sees us cowardly dishonorable fools and wants to regain her trust to her real family.

The Descendant Of Haruko[]

  • Haruko: You're adorable! Stupid but adorable.
  • Dragon-O: Ummm, thanks?
  • Freddie: I don't think she's you're type.

The Death Inducement[]

  • Kotoko: Hello, sister. Guess that old guy really did a number you, huh? Join me and be part of the Ueda Clan.
  • Haruko: NO! Father told me what you did to my mother. And now I'm going to return the favor. Why won't you fight? COWARD!
  • Kotoko: Hmmm, I accept.

Love Empowerment[]