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Haruko Miyazaki is the deuteragonist in Dragon-Mania!. Haruko was a former female student who turned a dragon. She is voiced by Zhang Ziyi.


Haruko is considered by many, especially Dragon-O, to be a very attractive young dragon and is slender, almost hourglass-like figure. As a dragon she is a white and purple dragon with green eyes, with her armor melded into her skin.

As a human, Haruko has black hair that is red in the back. She wears several black earrings and red eyeliner on the top of her eyelids. She has amber eyes. She does have a civilian outfit as well with a punk design, consisting of worn jeans, biker boots and a leather biker jacket with metal studs.



Dragon-O was Haruko's very first friend. When they first met Haruko instantly became the object of his strong and pure romantic love and affections. At first, she was not too romantically involved with Dragon-O, instead reject his feelings in an aloof fashion. In the series finale, they got married.


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