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Princess Goldyne Chardonnay Manithora is the Main Protagonist of the Animated Short, Golden. She is the Princess of Goldville. She is also a Soprano Opera Singer who can sing very high notes. She is voiced by Famous Viner, Meghan McCarthy. She is the 13th official member of the Junior Disney Princesses.


Goldyne happens to have a powerful imagination. She is able to create life like imaginative beings and items endowed with the color of sparkling gold. Dispite being the third Disney female to practice Opera along with Princess Aurora and Ring Ring, She sings in a very high soprano making her able to break anything in her path. Some fans call Goldyne The "Blonde" version of Jean Grey/Phoenix from X-Men Comics.


  • Goldyne is the very first mixed Disney Heroine since Penny Proud.
  • Originally Goldyne was supposed to be a mermaid, but the idea was scrapped.
  • She was also intended to be another Rapunzel or Goldilocks, but those ideas were scrapped.
  • Goldyne is possibly the most powerful Disney Heroine.