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Glacier Heroes (formerly known as Glacier-Siblings starring Adorabeezle Winterpop) is an upcoming anime adaptation spin-off series based on Wreck-it Ralph and Cyber Hero series that will air in 2015. It focuses that Adorabeezle Winterpop and her cybernoid companion Glacier Cyber.


Main Characters[]

  • Adorabeezle Winterpop: One of the main characters in the show. She prettiest, happiest, most amiable ice champion of all time. She’s a racing and skiing fanatic who loves exploring new tracks hidden on the sugar-covered slopes of Sugar Rush.

The Glacier Siblings[]

  • Glacier Cyber: A brave and heroic winter cybernoid who is Adorabeezle's current cybernoid companion. He's main sport is snowboarding.
  • Winter Cyber: Glacier Cyber's youngest brother who is only hobby is shoveling the snow. However, he tried the game of curling. With a help from his friend Blizzard Cyber, he become a rookie ice hockey player.
  • Glacier-Glacia: Glacier Cyber's and Winter Cyber's older sister who is a best skiier in the arctic world.
  • Princess Icy: Glacier Cyber's adopted younger sister who is the ruler of an ice palace known as "The Palace of Figure Skating". She's a talented figure skater who always won without no losses.
  • Blizzard Cyber: Glacier Cyber's friend who was a former snowboarding champion before he joins hockey.
  • Frost Cyber
  • Arctic Cyber:
  • Sleet Cyber:
  • Sky-Glacier
  • Chill
  • Glacier-Glynn
  • Winter-Wilda
  • Glacier-Gladen
  • Prince Icicle
  • Vanilla Glacier
  • Wendie-Glacierson

The Snowflake Siblings[]

  • Snow Cyber
  • Snowflake-Sally
  • Powder-Snow:
  • Princess Glitzy
  • Slush

Other Characters[]

  • Glacier Cyber's Mother
  • Glacier Cyber's Father


  • Hail Cyber: The main antagonist in the first season.

The Blacksnow Gang[]

  • Mildred Blacksnow
  • Herman Blacksnow
  • Rudolph Blacksnow
  • Gretzel Blacksnow
  • Dirk Blacksnow
  • Wolfgang Blacksnow
  • Ludwig Blacksnow


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