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'Please do not take anything the wrong way. I'm not trying to say that pretty people are mean and bullies and ugly ones (not saying anyone IS ugly either) are nice and innocent or vice versa'. This is just for fun and from my imagination!!!

Gg is a new villain in Big Hero 6: The Show Must Go On

Voice: Kylie Jenner

Portrayed by: Kim Kardashian

Inspiration: Jess Felton from Unfriended, Evil Queen from Snow White, Yokai, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Dawn Bellwether from Zootopia, Kai from Kung Fu Panda 3, Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda, the devious brunette in Paramore's Misery Business video, Regina George from Mean Girls

Alignment: neutral, later bad

Appearance: black wig, brown eyes, gray leather jacket, skinny jeans, black boots, flawless face, dentures (before getting punched) frizzy pigtails, yellow sweater, baggy jeans, sneakers, face full of acne, mole, crooked teeth (after getting punched)

Occupation: main antagonist, leader of the Plastics, Tadashi's mind control, Hannah Mendoza's ex best friend, sandman652 (anonymous online name)

Personality: evil, stupid, small minded, selfish, murderous, bitter, cold hearted, prejudiced, two faced, idiotic, violent, dim witted, messy, hypocrite


Gg before getting punched

Likes:  Hiro , anonymously harassing Hannah online, hacking, bullying her, body shaming, slut shaming, spreading rumours and lies about Hannah, when people agree with her, being in power, crashing Hannah's concerts, stealing other girl's boyfriends for fun, giving Hannah death threats

Dislikes: people blocking or reporting her, people defending Hannah, Hiro falling all over Hannah, when he compliments her, the fact that he likes Hannah back, Hannah not being offended

Weapons: fists, false lies about Hannah online, hurtful words

Other names:

Nothing but wrong (by Hannah)

Not worth your time (by Hannah's mother Liza)

Sweet cheeks (sarcastically, by Hiro)

Just another mean girl (by the whole Big Hero 6 team)

Lil Devil (by Hiro)


"You were supposed to get butthurt!"

"He's supposed to be with me!" 

"When I'm through with you, everyone will agree with me and you'll loose all your respect. Just you watch."

Goals: to get everyone to believe her and win Hiro's heart

Fate: gets all the beauty literally punched off her face by the whole team and gets arrested along with Destinee and Teresa for internet troll recognition and domestic violence and bullying


  • As seen in the movie, she and Hannah are ex best friends due to a fight. Three months later, Hannah apologizes to Gg, but she doesn't forgive her. This causes them to hate each other.
  • She is Arabian
  • After Hannah and her band became famous, she was infuriated, causing her to anonymously harrass her online and try to get people to agree with her.
  • She likes to steal other women's boyfriends and accuse them of it.
  • She never showers 

    Gg after getting punched