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Genesis Gonzolez is another tritagonist of Pixar's Gingereena. She is a weather talent fairy, able to create different blasts of weather (ex. Lightning bolts, clouds, heating palms, hurricanes etc.). She is also the family fairy of The Setori's.


Genesis is a Hispanic fairy with wavy brown hair. She has teal eyes, cherry red lips, and butterfly-like wings. She wears a salmon and white one peice dress with salmon ribbon shoes. In her human form, she wears a denim jacket, a salmon beret, white top and salmon skirt and also brow ankle high boots.

Fairy Talent[]

Genesis is able to create magical light shows and illusions for The Setori Children and other gypsies. In her human form, she can take pictures of her creations and post them in Pixie Hollow whenever she wants. Some fans led to believe she is also a photography fairy as we'll.

Family Fairy of The Setori's[]

A long time ago, Genesis was captured by unnamed con men. But she was saved by Melanie and her 3 brothers and sisters. She was dubbed as the family fairy a week later. She enjoy's playing with The Setori Children, and help advertise Mrs. Setori's Fabric and Voodoo store.

The Gonzolez Family[]

There is not much known about Genesis' family. But in Gingereena she did mentioned she has an actual family in the Mexican part of Neverland. Meaning she might've been born differently from most Disney Fairies.

Theme Parks[]

Genesis is one of the most rarest characters so find in Disney Parks. Some rumors led to believe she only appears in one night show, which is Fantasmic!


  • Genesis is the second Hispanic/Latin Disney fairy.
  • Genesis was modeled after her voice actor Jennifer Lopez.
  • Genesis occasionally lives in Pixie Hollow, with a friend of hers, which is Zarina.