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Furry Murray is an all-new animated movie from Disney. It will be released on July 26, 2013.


A giant, 9,000-year-old sasquatch named Murray, who has been trapped in water his whole life, is thawed out and comes to live with the McDowells, a family from urban New York, but causes many problems (mostly because of his size).

Voice cast[]

Ray Romano as Furry Murray

Neil Patrick Harris as Evan McDowell, the father of two children and husband of Christina McDowell

Amy Adams as Christina McDowell, the mother of two children and wife of Evan McDowell

Max Charles as Jacob "Jake" McDowell, the brother of Erica McDowell and son of Christina and Evan McDowell.

Bella Thorne as Erica McDowell, the sister of Jacob McDowell and daughter of Evan and Christina McDowell.