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Furida is an upcoming 3D film.


In an island, populated by foxes, to save her home from being destroyed, a red fox named Furida holds a singing contest to raise money for it and the entire town auditions for a part in the show.

Cast & Characters[]

  • Miranda Cosgrove as Furida, an optimistic red fox who plans to announce a singing competition.
  • Jessie J as Flow, a yellow fox who loves to samba and a little jazz.
  • Charli XCX as Fiona, a teenage blue fox with an exquisite voice and severe stage fright.
  • Estelle as Freya, a purple fox who is a cynical, sarcastic, rough, and tough punk rocker.
  • Sofia Carson as Felicity, a pink fox and a free-spirited musician with an interest in rock and roll music.
  • Blake Shelton as Fred, a brown cowboy with a big voice and friendly attitude.