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Frozen 2: Burning, or just reffered to Burning, is the sequel to the Oscar winning 2013 animated film Frozen.


When Elsa's thaws make Arendelle have eternal summer, can Elsa use her magic to make it normal again? She now has powers of fire and water and can fight the cold once again.


Kristen Bell as Anna, the protagonist

Idina Menzel as Elsa, the deuteragonist

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, the tritagonist

Josh Gad as Olaf

Steve Carell as Snolaf, Olaf's friend.

Sanito Fontana as Hans, who has now got out of jail and reformed. He serves as the Santa for Arrendle.

Alan Tudyk as Chef Razhar, the headchef of the resturaunt What-A-Meal. He uses Elsa's fire powers to cook his food and Elsa is the waitress and cook. After he gets one milion crystals he fires Elsa, mentioning she is a pathetic idiotic disgrase but Elsa punches him on the face and his hat from the punch falls onto the grill, and Razhar gets fired while Elsa becomes the new headchef, cook and waitress. He serves as a minor antagonist through the film.

Wallace Shawn as Mayor Albert Hugo, the main antagonist threw the film and the first mayor for Arrendle. He builds Arrendle as a high-rise town and turns all the buildings into high-rise buildings. He also builds inside each building a tank with a bomb so all the tanks will explode, flood the buildings and kill all the Arrendle residents so he can steel all of their flats.

Richard White as Alan Merth, Kristoff's neighbor who believes the trolls influenced him bad and wants to kill all the trolls in the world. he serves as the tertiary antagonist of the film.

Shakira as Beach Girl, known as Elna Biech. she is a sexy girl who wants a beach near the lake. she is a secondary protagonist.

Alfred Molina as Big Arthur, the secutery guard of the mayor. he is an antagonist threw the film.

Baron Davis as Stevie J. Hugo, shortly known as Steve. He is the mayor's son who beloves Elsa so he can take her to a date in one of the flats, then put her into a water tank and lock her there to help his father. he is the secondary antagonist of this film.