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'Frozen: The Animated Series the animated Series based on the 2013 film frozen. the show actually became succesful with it's complex storytelling and more emphisis on characters. the show apart from having elements from the film had other elements and characters from other disney films as well as folklore and even the works of william shakespeare.


Idina Menzel as Elsa

Kristen Bell as Anna

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff

Josh Gad as Olaf

Matt L. Jones as Kyle the Boov

John Cena as Ferdinand the Bull

Kevin Micheal richardson as Marhsmellow

Frank welker as sven/additional voices

mandy moore as Rapunzel

Zachary Levi as eugene Fitzherbert

Clancy Brown as King fredric

Ashley Judd as Queen Arianna

Jeffery tambor as Big nose

Paul F. tompkins as shorty

Charles Halford as Vladimir

Grey Delisle as various voices

Jennifer hale as Cinderella/ Aurora

Jodi Bensen as Ariel

Christopher Daniel Barnes as Prince charming/ Prince Eric

Josh Robert Thompson as Prince philip

Katherine Von TIll as snow white

James arnold Taylor as prince howard

Julie Nathanson as Belle

Robby Benson as Adam

Malcom McDowell as Mr A.M.K

Alan tudyk as The duke of Weselton

Santino Fontana as Hans of the southern isles

Maurice Lamarce as Agdarr/oberon/ Various

​Season 1[]

  • ==episode 1==  Icy winds

  • ==episode 2==  the pig

  • ==episode 3== the soldier

  • ==episode 4== the creature in the walls

  • ==episode 5== the Grombalock

  • ==episode 6== the bird's word

  • ==episode 7== the stranger

  • ==episode 8== ancient stories

  • ==episode 9== it's watching

  • ==episode 10== Thoughts of cold

  • ==episode 11== a visit from across the sea

  • ==episode 12== A wolf in the bed

  • ==episode 13== science and toils

  • ==episode 14== a meeting of famous royals

  • ==episode 15== a discovery and celebration

  • ==episode 16== The corona Dove

This Episode is unique for following a formula similar to film noirs notably the big sleep, the Maltese falcoln, and others

  • ==epsiode 17 things beyond night

  • ==episode 18 Of beauties and beasts

  • == episode 19 == A summer Dream