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Friar Tuck is the tritagonist of the fanfiction "A Friar's Baby". He is the father of the fanmade titular character, and owner of the church that they call home.

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Friar Tuck is a kind-hearted priest and a good friend of Robin Hood and Little John. He is very kind and gives money (from Robin Hood) to the people of Nottingham and wishes nothing but the best for the people. He is also very brave and will fight for what he thinks is right. Though a man of peace, he has a limit to how much he can stand, such as when he attacked the sheriff for taking the money meant for the poor from his church's collection, resulting in his arrest. He also may be a father figure to Robin Hood and calls him son. Friar Tuck has a heart of Gold.

And being an actual father, he wants only the best for his young child. He’d go to great lengths to make Shenzi happy, and protect her from danger whenever he was needed.



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Robin Hood[]

Little John[]

Relationship with Shenzi[]

The Tucks

A tiny, but loving family

Shenzi is Friar Tuck’s whole world, his pride and joy, his little angel, you name it. He loves her very much, wants only the best for her, and tries to protect her from any kind of harm. He is reluctant to let her go with Skippy, his siblings, and Toby to watch Skippy test his new bow and arrow, but decides to let her go after Sis promises to take good care of her.

While Friar Tuck met with Robin Hood and Little John, when Shenzi reaches towards the pot of stew that Robin burnt, her father stops her before she could touch it, and burn herself. When the tournament is going on, while Alan-a-Dale and Friar Tuck were chasing Sir Hiss, Shenzi closely follows, although she takes some occasions to watch the tournament. Just before the mocking of Prince John, he has her on his shoulders, and during the fun, he playfully dances with her.  

Shenzi’s mother, who was named Maya, had perished during the labor when the child was born, which was actually premature. Originally, Shenzi was going to be left in a basket at the church doorstep, at only months old, with a note explaining her name (minus surname), gender, and birth date.