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Junior Disney Princess[]

I did not create this page more like her a lot. That's when I had an idea: I created a page Junior Disney Heroes, created in 2012(at that time I was not logged in). My page has been edited by Molla in 2012-2013(Please do not edit my pages.No one has the authority to edit or steal my pages). One day, I visited the Disney Fanon Wiki and found that Molla used my page as if it were hers. That day I logged in I got my page and I put on it was the owner. Molla created the Junior Disney Princess and I Junior Disney Heroes. Visit the page : http://disneyfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Franchise_Rules

Junior Disney Heroes[]

I created the page and have the right to add and delete members that I want.I'll delete Jack Crabgrass and other character of Kingdom Hearts that put Molla.Even more, I'll add Caio again and hopefully do not take it off my franchise.

Apart from the Franchise Rules[]

I also created a page about a character named Caio. Someone edited my page saying that my character was a villain and he appears in a film that I did not support.Whoever did this can erase the name of my character in this film.To put the film in Caio need my permission.

And that fits all[]

And that fits all. Do not steal or edit my pages.Molla, I have nothing against you.Do you think it will make me a glitch as with Vanellope and King Candy? I am Super10NemoFan,more like I've lost the password,I logged in again as DisneyCreator!