Finn Sugarbee is a supporting character that appeared in the Holly and Noel episode "Nerd". He is a friendless nerd that used to have a crush on Holly until he became good friends with Noel.



Due to not having any friends, Finn often finds himself lonely, but purpose driven. He strives to get good grades and become a really great inventor like Evergreen. He is often nerdy about certain things, which cause some people, like Holly, to think of him lowly. Despite this, Finn has no villainous qualities. He is kind-hearted, sweet, selfless, and heroic, as shown when he dove into the Ice Lake to save Noel from freezing to death, then carrying her two miles to Santa's Workshop to warm up. Though he once wanted to use Noel to get close to Holly, he soon realized that he liked Noel instead and refused to hurt her.

Finn gets quite shy and nervous around girls he finds cute, like the Kringle Twins. He had a crush on Holly, and became friends with Noel to get close to her, but after hanging out with Noel and learning how good a person she is, Finn's emotions have shifted, unfortunately catching the eye of Holly's affections too late.


Finn is a slender human with paleish-fair skin, a round salmon colored nose, messy brown hair under a cyan winter hat, chocolate brown eyes, and freckles across his cheeks.

He usually wears a light blue Christmas sweater with a snowflake on it, black snow pants, brown boots, and black suspenders.


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