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Finding nemo the ride

"Finding Nemo - The Ride!" is a fictional ride at the park "Disneyworld England". It is based off Finding Nemo.



While you queue, there are decorations of the fish in the film. There are Nemo, Dory and the Whale.

Entering the launchpad[]

Once you get inside the building where you start the ride, staff dressed as certain characters from the film. The staff show you to your seats.

The ride[]

The raft looks like Nemo. It is a water ride. The raft is pushed away by the staff, and the 'fishventure' begins. It starts off calm, but you are soon sent into a sprinkler zone. If you look close enough, it appears that the whale is squirting it out onto you. You are then out in the open, but your worries aren't over, as people outside the ride can squirt you with the park's squirters. Your raft then passes a sign saying "Warning Shark Zone" on it. If you look down you see the 2 secondary character sharks with their mouths open. Dory's voice goes through the speakers, claiming that there are black balloons. The raft then goes into a rapids zone, and decorations of the balls with spikes on are at the sides. A decoration of the shark has it's mouth open, and the raft goes into the mouth of the shark, once again inside. Inside is pitch black, and the rapids get stronger, until you are out of the shark. As if your worries were over, your raft goes up the ramp and down a very fast chute. Once you get out of the chute, you are back in the starting place, and the ride is over.