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Nemo: "Hi there, everybody, Nemo here, with Dory, my dad and my good friends."

Marlin: "Hey, thanks for having all of us here."

Dory: "It's super good to see all of you again."

Gill: "We're here to tell you all about our new feature length movie."

Gurgle: "It's called Finding Marlin."

Marlin: "Nemo was the 1st 1 to get lost and captured back in 2003, then Dory in 2016, but this year, I'm the 1 who gets lost and captured, but not for a very long time, since my son and my good friends come to my rescue."

Announcer: "Don't forget to catch Disney and Pixar's Finding Marlin in movie theaters on May 10, 2019."