Fabian Quirke is a major character in the film Big Hero 6: Spell of the Siren. He is the younger brother of Pop idol Iris Quirke, and Big Hero 6's biggest fan.


Fabian is a teenaged boy of Irish descent. He is of average height and somewhat skinny, with short sandy blond hair and grey eyes. He has prescription brow line glasses that he sometimes exchanges for contacts lenses. Fabian's ever-present black audiophile headphones have red streaks, intended to mimic Hiro Hamada's helmet.

Fabian's everyday wear is a brown plaid button down shirt, faded blue jeans, grey and orange sneakers, and a blue jacket decorated with the Japanese kanji for sound, 音. His Tezuka Academy uniform consists of a white dress shirt, black pants, a dark blue-grey blazer with the school crest, and a bronze and blue striped tie.


On the outside, Fabian is a quiet and antisocial boy. Ever since his sister Iris' rise to stardom, he has become very repressed from being in her shadow, and the neurogenic stutter he retained in a boating accident has made him the target of bullies at school. Fabian does share a friendship and mutual trust with Fred, whom he met through Iris while in middle school. Fabian is also an enthusiastic Big Hero 6 fan, seeing the superhero team as kindred spirits.

On the inside, however, Fabian shows incredible artistry when it comes to his greatest passion: music. Fabian has a near encyclopedic knowledge of musical terms, a natural sense of rhythm, which contributes to his skill in breakdancing, and although his stutter prevents him from singing, Fabian has absolute pitch. Despite a certain incompetence with technology, including with his own cell phone, Fabian's musical appreciation has adapted into an aptitude with acoustics. He engineered his own audio synthesizer software, though not without the use of outside help.


  • Fabian's civilian clothes took inspiration from Hiro Takachiho.
  • Due to spending a year abroad in Hong Kong, Fabian is fluent in Cantonese.
  • Hiro and Tadashi Hamada are alumni of Fabian's high school, Tezuka Academy.
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