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I don't sound like that.
―Félix Madrigal

Félix Madrigal is a supporting character in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto. He is the fun-loving husband of Pepa Madrigal. As he married into the family, Félix lacks a magical gift of his own. Despite this, he has a talent in helping his wife manage her emotions so her gift doesn't get out of control.


Félix married Pepa and they had a daughter (Dolores) and two sons (Camilo and Antonio) together. He is a very fun-loving man and is there to balance out his wife and her forever shifting emotions.

Physical Appearance[]

Félix is a dark-skinned Colombian man who wears a sunshine-yellow long sleeved guayabera shirt (a common South-American style of men's shirt) with red alforzas (a style of pleats) and golden-yellow striped pants. He has black-and-grey hair and, like Bruno, has a mustache and hair on his chin and face. His hair is styled in an Afro and he has some chest hair and arm hair.


File:Pepa and Félix (7).png

Félix balancing the emotional personality of his wife, Pepa.

Contrast to Pepa's sensitive and shaky personality, Felix is a laid-back and positive-spirited man, balancing his often nervous wife. He is a humorous and comedic man who easily puts on a smile to those around him, especially when it comes to cheering up his wife. The two are always in harmony as Felix understand Pepa's struggle to keep her emotion in check and so helps her to keep it at bay. His carefree nature also enables him to get along well with other family members.

While he goes along with his family (especially his wife) and towns people's refrains from talking about Bruno as his name is considered a taboo, Felix himself is not against bringing up his name when Mirabel inquired to learn more about her Tio, only stopping when Pepa shushed him. Adding to that, Felix does not seem to hold any hard feelings against Bruno, even when he seemingly ruined his and Pepa's wedding day by adding distress to Pepa, and indirectly causing a hurricane, as Felix still remembers his wedding day as wonderful. When Bruno reunited with the Madrigals and cleared up the misunderstanding, Felix appears to have a hunch beforehand that Bruno is not malicious by heart and simply wanted to help his sister and supports his brother-in-law.

File:Felix checking on Camilo.png

Félix checking on Camilo to make sure he's okay.

While Félix respects Abuela as the matriarch of the family, he is often annoyed by her reprimands to Pepa to keep control of her emotion to prevent constant raining, with Félix backing up and supporting his wife. Félix is a good father and can be very affectionate. He gets along very well with his nieces, calling Isabela "our angel," and he insists on telling Mirabel about Bruno when she is concerned about being in one of his visions, in spite of Pepa's protests. He can also be protective of the younger members of the family, as seen when the house was collapsing, quickly saving Antonio from the falling debris and carrying him in his arms even after leaving the house. After the fall of the house, Félix carefully checks on Camilo due to the fact that he had previously entered the ruined house to try to save the Miracle Candle ​and then looks for Mirabel when she disappears.

Powers and abilities[]

File:Felix saving Antonio.gif

Félix saving Antonio while avoiding the rubble of the ruined house.

Having married into the family, Félix has no magical gift of his own. However, he can be quite agile and quick on his feet. During the fall of Casa Madrigal, Felix pulls Antonio out of the falling rubble with incredible reflexes and runs with him out of the ruined house while avoiding the falling pieces of the House. Also a very graceful dancer and has almost no problem matching his wife's quick dance steps in "We Don't Talk About Bruno".



Félix first appears waking up and joining his family for a stroll in the village. During "The Family Madrigal", Félix is introduced, along with his brother-in-law Agustín, by his younger niece Mirabel. As Mirabel explains how he became part of the family by marrying Pepa, Félix shares a kiss with his wife.


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  • Early in production, the character's name was Fernando.[1]
  • According to Jared Bush, Félix is "a little older" than his wife and her siblings.[2]
  • Felix means "Happy" in Latin.
    • Due to his charming demeanour, Félix has always been on good terms to Abuela Alma in his younger years, which earned her immediate approval when he and Pepa fell in love and got married.[3]
    • Félix's natal family are still alive and live in Encanto.[4][5]
  • Like Agustin, it seems that he took his wife's surname, rather than the usual marriage in Colombia and other Spanish-speaking countries, in which both of them keep their own surnames.


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