Evan Spears is a minor character in the Disney animated film Devil Dinosaur. A student at the University of New York, he is somewhat a bully who tends to pick on Linus.



Physical Appearance

For a bully, Evan is a bit shorter than Linus & Kyra. He's also overweight but has a very fine build. He has blue eyes & black hair with short sides & loose curls on the top. His traditional outfit consists of a square neck t-shirt & blue jeans with dog tags attached to them.


Devil Dinosaur

As a result of his seemingly absurd science report, Linus became a target of humiliation at school. When Linus was walking down the hall with Kyra, who tried to talk sense into him regarding his crazy imaginations, Evan jumped in out of nowhere wearing a dinosaur mask. He managed to scare the two, & he laughed at them before Kyra told him off for being a jerk. Afterward, Evan just walked off without hardly any sympathy.




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